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MPC buster the boxer

Give Your Entries a Flying Start at the 2018 AEAF Awards

AEAF Awards receives a huge number of entries every year, but many arrive with no details. Find out how to use the Entry Form to tell the judges all about your project and your team. read more
Rob Coleman AEAF2017

Calling All Speakers to AEAF 2018

AEAF 2018 Speaker Program is actively seeking experienced, expert speakers across a large range of topics. Enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with our audience of artists is essential.
Pic4 Niki Earth

pic4 Collective Gets Immersed in Worlds of Extended Reality

pic4, a collective of filmmakers, storytellers and digital artists in Newtown, Sydney, formerly Big Cookie Studios, talk about their new focus on high quality virtual, augmented and mixed reality services.
Thor rsp5

VFX Artists Touch Heaven and Earth for 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Teams at Rising Sun Pictures and Fin Design + Effects created exciting sequences, VFX and animation for Marvel's 'Thor: Ragnarok', spanning heaven and earth, distant planets and dream worlds.
Weta AEAF Awards2017 w

AEAF Awards Announces 2017 Winners

AEAF 2017 was held on 16 August with a full day of top speakers and an Awards event that brought together artists from around the world. SEE all the winners inside.
AEAF t2a

Good Reasons to be at AEAF 16 August

LAST MINUTE Bookings for AEAF If you have not yet booked for the AEAF Speaker Program and/or Awards Night but would like to attend, places are still available. Please complete your booking online now, here. When you arrive on the day, your booking will be…
Weta valerian thousand planets

AEAF 2017 – Win BorisFX Sapphire 10 Plus Continuum from Digistor

To celebrate AEAF 2017, Digistor and BorisFX are giving away a license of BorisFX Sapphire 10 plus Continuum Bundle, the essential visual effects suite for broadcast, advertising or film.
Weta war planet apes

AEAF Sets Sights on a Perfect Day of Speakers and Awards

As AEAF approaches on 16 August, now is the time to BOOK TICKETS. The Speaker Line-up is in place for a perfect day, and the judges are hard at work on hundreds of beautiful entries.
VR 360 altvfx2

AEAF’s 360/VR Category Diverges into Two New Categories

AEAF Awards has split its 360/VR category into two distinct categories – 360 and VR Experience. This division reflects the two types of production required, and the different results for viewers.
Google zync2

Meet Google Cloud Platform at AEAF 2017

Come and meet Google on 16 August at AEAF, where you can ask them directly about the Google Cloud Platform resources for rendering and how to make it work for projects.
Anders langlands

Anders Langlands from Weta Digital Set to Speak at AEAF

Anders Langlands is VFX Sequence Supervisor at Weta Digital. He will be speaking at AEAF on 16 August about his work on ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’.
Gareth obrien buck oreo

NEW AEAF SPEAKER Gareth O’Brien from Buck Brings a Designer’s Eye to AEAF

Creative Director Gareth O’Brien, at Buck for over 10 years, is devoted to design and animation working in styles from stop motion, 3D and cell animation to live action and motion graphics.
Lego batman animal logic filmlight

Animal Logic’s Rob Coleman Awakens the Inner Animator

Rob Coleman, Head of Animation at Animal Logic, will discuss ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ at AEAF in August. Here he talks about what attracts him to animation, as a career and personal passion.
AFTRSOpen Film animation2

Building Large-Scale Storyworlds at AEAF

Susan Danta from AFTRS Sydney will talk at AEAF about course content and opportunities for animators and filmmakers in the school’s Master of Arts for Screen: Animation.
Weta valerian thousand planets

AEAF Awards Feature Film Entries Break Records

By official close of entries, AEAF Awards has received an unprecedented number of entries in the Feature Film VFX category from some of the world’s top visual effects and animation teams.
Weta AEAF Awards2017 w

AEAF Awards 2017 Finalists and Winners

AEAF 2017 was held on 16 August with a full day of top speakers and an Awards event that brought together artists from around the world. SEE all the winners inside.
Axis Forza 1

Axis and Jumbla Drive Motion Design for Forza Motorsport

Axis and Jumbla Drive Motion Design for Forza Motorsport Axis Animation in Scotland, known for their striking and original work for video games, feature films, television and theme parks, has partnered with design and film production company Jumbla in…
Shell VPower Virtual Pitstop

VR Gamers Tool Up at the Shell V-Power Virtual Pitstop

Experiential company Traffik created the Shell V-Power Virtual Pitstop mixed-reality VR game. Players put a V8 Supercar through a virtual pitstop and out onto the track as fast as possible.
Sheldon stopsack pirates


AEAF takes place on 16 August, in Paddington Sydney. Following a packed day of talks from the leading lights of the industry, the AEAF Awards Night is a celebration of the best work by artists from around the world.
ANL koolKiethXMFDoom SuperHeroes6

Aardman Nathan Love Create a SuperHero for Kool Keith and MF Doom

Aardman Nathan Love entered their video for Kool Keith and MF Doom’s song ‘SuperHero’ into AEAF Awards. Designer/director Kris Merc talks about creating its extreme, exciting look.
Juice bmw

AEAF Awards Looks Ahead as New Entries Fly In

The deadline for submissions to the AEAF Awards must be on 30 June for final entries - no further extensions. Meanwhile AEAF is receiving more projects to get excited about.
Sheldon stopsack pirates

AEAF Speaker Program at a Glance

AEAF 2017 Speaker Program A Perfect Day at AEAF Speaker Program 9am - 5:30pm 16 August AEAF Awards 6pm 16 August 4:45pm MPC - Sheldon Stopsack, VFX Supervisor MPC ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ 3:45pm Animal Logic - Rob Coleman, Head of Animation ‘The LEGO Batman…

Jeff Capogreco Talks about Creatures, Lights and ILM

VFX Supervisor Jeff Capogreco from ILM Singapore, a speaker at AEAF in August, talks about his career in VFX - from problem-solving and communications to rendering and sequencing.
Rotor studio scott morgan2

Rotor Studios Zoom into AEAF’s Speaker Line-up

Rotor Studios Zoom into AEAF’s Speaker Line-up Two speakers from Rotor Studios in Sydney are joining the line-up at AEAF, Director and Managing Partner Scott Bradley and Head of Design Glenn Stewart. Rotor specialises in all aspects of computer generated…
Sheldon stopsack pirates

MPC’s Sheldon Stopsack to Talk at AEAF on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

VFX Supervisor Sheldon Stopstack from MPC is set to speak at AEAF 2017 in August on his recent work leading MPC’s team on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’.

AEAF Awards Deadline for Entries is Now Extended

Deadline for entries to the AEAF Awards is extended to 18 June 2017. Enter now to be included and have your work viewed by the worldwide VFX community in the AEAF Online Festival.
Sequence Star Wars Commander

The Sequence Group Set to Speak at AEAF

Founder and creative director Ian Kirby and partner and creative director Luke Bicevskis are coming to speak at AEAF in August from award-winning creative studio The Sequence Group, based in Vancouver & Melboune.
Screen scene black sails

Projects at AEAF Awards Show Digital Innovation

See the new projects entered into AEAF 2017 from Ireland, Australia and the USA, and become inspired to enter work from your own team.
Simon Maddison MAthew Mackereth

Network, Learn and Share at AEAF 2017

AEAF, running for 20 years, brings a huge amount of expertise within every team that participates. As well as a chance to meet artists, networking at AEAF is a great way to tap into that.
Mirari sky 1

Enter Now – AEAF Awards Deadline Approaches

The deadline for entering AEAF Awards is fast approaching. Don’t miss out. Enter now before 31 May - before it’s too late.
Embassy vfx cathay

AEAF’s New Entries Inspire with Character Animation & Digital Environments

The newest entries to AEAF 2017 include photoreal modelling and animation from The Embassy VFX, an excellent student entry, and Season 5 of TV series ‘Ripper Street’ from Screen Scene. AEAF’s New Entries Inspire with Character Animation & Digital Environments…
Weta Guardians2

Weta Digital Joins AEAF Speaker Program

Weta Digital will give behind the scenes accounts of their latest major projects at AEAF.
Passion rio

AEAF Awards Attract Stellar Animation, CG Work and Stories

New entries into AEAF Awards are accelerating rapidly with more Commercials and TV Series projects coming from the US, NZ, the UK and Australia. Now is a great time to enter your work.
Rob Coleman cjpg

Animal Logic’s Rob Coleman to Speak at AEAF on ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’

Head of Animation at Animal Logic, Rob Coleman, will speak at AEAF in August to give attendees a glimpse behind the scenes of ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’, showing his team's recent work.
AEAF entry news2 march2017

AEAF Entries Expand with Top VR, Titles and TV Series Projects

AEAF Awards has received some exciting new entries in categories including VR/360, Film and TV Titles, TV Series and more. Read about them here and do not delay in entering your team’s work.
AEAF speaker news march2017

Iloura’s VFX Supervisor Lindsay Adams to Speak at AEAF 2017

VFX Supervisor Lindsay Adams from Iloura in Melbourne. has worked in visual effects for over 15 years at several studios including ILM, MPC and Animal Logic as well as Iloura.
AEAF chameleon4

AEAF Awards are Opening Up Now for a Winning Year

Now is the time to enter your studio’s projects into the 2017 AEAF Awards. Check out the new entries, consider becoming a Speaker and enter now to be featured in the AEAF eNewsletters.
AEAF 2016 Rotor studios1

AEAF 2016 Awards Winners Announced

The AEAF Awards went off with a bang on 17 August. The Finalists and Winners Showreel was looking better than ever, the house was full and everyone enjoyed the party.
AWAF Awards 2015

AEAF 2016 Finalists and Winners

Congratulations to all the finalists and Winners of the AEAF Awards 2016 The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each category plus Special Merit Awards were announced at the AEAF Awards Evening 17 August.
AWAF Awards 2015

AEAF Hall of Fame

We have established the AEAF Hall of Fame to recognize some of the people who have contributed to the advancement of the arts of Animation and Visual Effects over the years. Here we have listed all the finalists and winners. Many of the artists who worked on…
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AEAF Finalists - Winners 2015

Feature Film VFXGOLD Guardians of the Galaxy – FramestoreSILVER The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Weta DigitalBRONZE Mad Max: Fury Road - IlouraSpecial Merit X-Men: Days of Future Past - RSPSpecial Merit Under the Skin – One of UsThe Maze Runner -…