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Simon maddison aeaf2a

VFX Supervisor Simon Maddison Brings VR Perspective to AEAF

VFX Supervisor Simon Maddison talks about some of the changes and challenges he’s experienced in his 20 year VFX career, and gets ready to present his latest VR project at AEAF. read more
Stefan job cancer

Animation Director Stefan Wernik to Present at AEAF

Stefan Wernik of The Magnificent Itch will talk on the importance of working on locally produced animated TV series and feature films for Australia’s animation industry.

AEAF 2016 Speaker Line Up

LATEST ADDITIONS Dane Maddams and Mick Hammell from Plastic Wax share their collective expertise in games cinematics to reveal what it takes to produce top notch campaigns for games.

Scott Geersen to explore Title Sequence Design

Scott Geersen Director and Titles Designer and founder of Substance Scott will give a presentation on Title Sequence Design at AEAF 2016. Scott’s title sequence designs have been finalists or winners over multiple years at AEAF, the Create Awards,…

Tracey Taylor at The Pulse to Speak on VR/360 Production at AEAF

AEAF Awards expands its scope to launch an expert Speaker Program on VFX, animation and post. Tracey Taylor at The Pulse will be there to talk on practical aspects of VR/360 production.
Sundays Press 088500b

AEAF Awards 2016 Gets a Sci-Fi Start with ‘Sundays’

Sundays’ is a new entry at AEAF Awards 2016, a science fiction short film shot in Mexico City, with visual effects and post production completed at PostPanic Pictures in Amsterdam.

AEAF 2016 Speaker Program

We are happy to announce that in addition to the AEAF Awards, AEAF 2016 will feature an exciting Festival Program of keynote speakers, screenings, networking events and masterclasses. Speaker enquiries are now invited. Please contact Festival Director

AEAF Awards Screening Gets Ready to Celebrate

The AEAF Awards Screening will be held next week on Wednesday 19 August - don’t miss out. Book tickets now to view finalists and winners and meet the artists.

FSM Designs and Animates NBN’s World of Information

FSM’s film for NBN, a Commercials entry in the AEAF Awards, brings to life a little girl’s educational adventure on board an over-sized CG animated ladybird, complete with interactive motion graphics.

MPC LA Picks Up the Pace at AEAF Awards

MPC LA tells action-packed stories for Activision and Xbox that play out like live action game cinematics to give players a challenging taste of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Xbox Forza.


AEAF Entries from Psyop include - Samsung Galaxy 11 - The Match Parts 1+2The world’s greatest footballers unite as a team for the ages to challenge a mysterious force of aliens in a virtual football match unlike anything ever seen on earth.

Games Cinematics and Students Go for Glory at AEAF

AEAF has received compelling Games Cinematic entries this year, some produced for E3 2015. Students entering work have also excelled in both animated and composited live action projects.

Plastic Wax

Dirty Bomb - This trailer is rendered entirely in engine using Unreal. Plastic Wax were responsible for all creative aspects of the Dirty Bomb cinematic, from storyboarding, animation through to post production.

Fury Road Races into AEAF as Finalists Are Announced

AEAF Finalist entries are now being announced online leading up to the Awards Night and Screening. Also, check out the latest Feature Film VFX entry, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ from Iloura.

AEAF Gets Ready for Awards Screening & Party

This year’s AEAF Awards Night in Sydney coming up in August, will be everyone’s chance to see, on the big screen, all Finalists and winners in all categories.

Cutting Edge

AEAF entries from Cutting Edge - Queensland Get Ready - Act for Kids - Betadine Losenge - Tourism Events Queensland Migration

Hackett Films

AEAF entries from Hackett - Voyage to the Deep - Waste Less Recycle More - Dylan’s Story - ABC Studio 3

AEAF Latest - RSP, Alt.vfx, Passion Pictures

AEAF has reached its closing date for entries this year, achieving a number of interesting firsts and receiving beautiful entries from artists everywhere.

Collider - Flume - AMP

AEAF entries from - Collider - Flume - AMP


AEAF entrise from Alt.Vfx - Telecom New Zealand’s rebranding as Spark was centered on the idea of a spark, a spark that helps us realise our potential, our change, and to start a new chapter.

Passion Pictures

AEAF Entries from Passion Pictures - Cuddly creatures struggle with their bloated size, but Genius has the answer.