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WetaDigi GodzillaKong2

AEAF Awards 2021 Winners

2021 has been a wonderful AEAF! Congratulations to everyone that has participated. We hope you enjoyed watching the Awards Showreel with us. See the list of winners and awards read more
WetaDigi GodzillaKong2

AEAF 2021 Announces Winners and Finalists

AEAF 2021 Announces Winners and Finalists 2021 has been a wonderful AEAF! Congratulations to everyone that has participated. We hope you enjoyed watching the Awards Showreel with us. Find the list of winners and awards inside. 2021 has been a wonderful AEAF!…
Cruella mpc DALM 1010b

MPC’s VFX Team Gets First In, Best Dressed for Disney’s Cruella

Production VFX Supervisor Max Wood talks about bringing Cruella’s early life to the screen, with 2D and 3D environments, complex set extensions, FX and seven animated photoreal dogs.
Framestore dark2

AEAF Awards Closes Entries, Book Now for Speaker Sessions

Entries into AEAF Awards are now closed after a record number of projects were submitted, and coming up in August, AEAF 2021 is bringing a top line-up of Speaker Sessions.
RSP MortalKombat

AEAF Adds Two Fresh Speaker Sessions from RSP and The Embassy

The AEAF Speaker Sessions line-up now includes VFX Supervisor Dennis Jones from RSP, and VFX Supervisor Paul Copeland and Compositor Nick Whiteley from The Embassy in Vancouver.
Ross Burgess

AEAF Awards Welcomes New Artists to the Judging Panel

AEAF Awards has an expanded judging panel, whose members bring years of industry experience and perspective to the Awards.
Axis KDA

Animation from Around the World Takes Centre Stage in AEAF Awards

New projects are arriving at AEAF Awards from around the world featuring all kinds of beautiful animation. AEAF includes 14 categories - enter your team’s work before end of June.
Flying bark 100 percent wolf

AEAF Announces New Sessions with Speakers from ILM and Flying Bark

AEAF now features two new talks at the upcoming conference in August from Executive in Charge at ILM’s Singapore and Sydney studios, and Animation Directors on ‘100% Wolf’ from Flying Bark.

FuseFX, DNEG, MADO XR Bring Beautiful New Effects to AEAF Awards

FuseFX has entered exciting television projects into AEAF Awards, DNEG entered work created for ‘Tenet’ and several TV series and MADO XR entered a film from their virtual production facility Studio-xR.
MPC kong3

MPC Film Enters GODZILLA VS. KONG into AEAF Awards

MPC Film has entered three major feature films into AEAF Awards – ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’, ‘The One and Only Ivan’ and ‘Cruella’.

Cinzia Angelini Enters Collaborative Animated Short Film ‘Mila’ at AEAF

Cinzia Angelini, story artist, writer and director, entered 3D animated short ‘Mila’, started over 10 years ago as a group collaborative project by a team of artists dispersed all over the world.
AWAF Awards 2015

AEAF Hall of Fame

AEAF Hall of Fame We have established the AEAF Hall of Fame to recognize some of the people who have contributed to the advancement of the arts of Animation and Visual Effects over the years. Here we have listed all the finalists and winners. Many of the…
JingleJangle framestore7

Framestore to Speak at AEAF 2021 on Jingle Jangle’s Storybook Sequences

Framestore created fascinating animated sequences for Netflix’s Jingle Jangle, populated with ‘hand-made’ 3D props, characters and sets. The team’s Supervisors will speak at AEAF 2021.