Hello Christmas

Commercials - AnimationCommercials - VFXHello Christmas Alt.vfx Dasher, a CGI animated reindeer journeys through a stunning landscape with rolling hills and bouncing CGI kangaroos before she finds…
Hello Christmas

OOHA - Clash of Flavours

Commercials - AnimationOOHA - Clash of Flavours Golden Wolf OOOHHAAA! The visceral feeling that takes over your senses when you taste the surprisingly wonderful flavours of OOHA… It’s not every day you get to watch an owl riding a horse… see…

Moonbirds - Rise of the Mythics

Commercials - AnimationMoonbirds - Rise of the Mythics Golden Wolf What’s that? You really wish the world had more animated owl-based sacrificial adventure content? Well sometimes dreams really do come true as we present you with the next…

John Wick: Chapter 4

TV SeriesJohn Wick: Chapter 4 Rodeo FX "Choreographing an action sequence can be challenging, especially when multiple characters are involved in a fight scene and various camera angles are required. However, when tasked with creating a car chase…

The Witcher Season 3

TV SeriesThe Witcher Season 3 Rodeo FX "Our work started in episode 1, with the first creature of this new season, the Jackapace. This armadillo-like monster, attacks our characters in the centre of the maze during a masquerade party, drawn by…

Foundation Season 2

TV SeriesFoundation Season 2 Rodeo FX "The challenges in creating a massive object in a CG space like Trantor and its giant orbiting rings, involved making it appear realistic from both a distance and up close. To achieve this, we paid close…

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1

TV SeriesAvatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 Rodeo FX "The opening sequence of the show set in the air temple required intricate crowd simulations and set extensions, seamlessly integrating digital elements with live-action footage, to bring the…

A Rough Shed

Short Film A Rough Shed Ample Projects A Rough Shed is a short animated film adaptation of Henry Lawson’s short story of the same name, part of a collection of short stories titled On The Track, published in 1900. This 7 minute animated…


Commercials - VFXVersace Platige CREW Client: Versace / Gordon von Steiner StudioPostproduction Company: Platige ImageDirector: Gordon von SteinerPostproduction Producer: Anna Zdrojewska, Krystyna BisagaHead of Production: Agnieszka GórnaHead CG:…

Exoborne Announcement Trailer

Game TrailersExoborne Announcement Trailer Platige CREW Client: SharkmobProduction & Postproduction Company: Platige Image Director: Bartłomiej KikCG Supervisor: Konrad Kiełczykowski, Piotr KoczanArt Director: Adam Tunikowski Executive Producer:…

Aero - Mind Bubbling

Commercials - AnimationAero - Mind Bubbling Rodeo FX In its first collaboration with AERO, Cossette unveils the "Mind Bubbling" campaign. Inspired by the sensation of rich, creamy bubbles melting in your mouth, this playful campaign revolves…

RY X - Moths

Commercials - AnimationRY X - Moths Rodeo FX Australian singer and musician, RY X, partnered with Pegasus Distillerie and joined forces with Rodeo FX to create something truly unique for the release of his new song, "MOTHS." This project took…

Destination British Colombia - Wall of Wonders

Commercials Animation Destination British Colombia - Wall of Wonders Rodeo FX Destination british columbia in Canada wanted to unveil what BC has best to offer. We sent a cinematographer to capture that beauty and integrate it to our designed…

Viktor&Rolf - Fashion Statements

Live Event Installations & Projections Viktor&Rolf - Fashion Statements Rodeo FX The Kunsthalle München presents the first major retrospective on Dutch fashion artists Viktor&Rolf in Germany. For more than three decades, Viktor Horsting and Rolf…

Now Upon a Time Lil' Ruby

Short FilmNow Upon a Time Lil' Ruby Platige CREW Cast:Kailey Nix as RubyCesili Williams as NandaThom Pinto as HowellAmuche Chukudebelu as TrevonDon Hooper as The NarratorDenisha Alphonse as Ruby’s MomRaiven Delisle as Subway CommuterNeel Williams…


Short FilmPerilune Media Design School, Auckland With time running out before her uncontrolled solar-sail spacecraft will crash into the Moon’s surface,solo astronaut Alex da Costa is out of options. Now, she must draw on her own courage andresourcefulness to…

Badu Gili Celestial

Live Event Installations & Projections Badu Gili Celestial Celestial is the vibrant new animation of powerful First Nations storytelling, featuring the work of Gail Mabo, a Meriam artist from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, and First Nations…

Halo Season 2

TV SeriesHalo Season 2 MPC Working closely with Production VFX Supervisor Wojciech Zielinski and VFX Producer Mike May, MPC’s team led by VFX Supervisor Kedar Manapragada and VFX Producer Nick Colangelo along with their creative team DFX Supervisor…


Short FilmScreeaam PlusOne Screeaam is an animated short film by PlusOne® Pictures. Originating during the second pandemic lockdown in February 2021. This cinematic animated piece encapsulates the spectrum of emotions experienced…

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed

Game TrailersEpic Mickey: Rebrushed Plastic Wax Join Mickey Mouse on his magical quest and get ready to wield the power of paint and thinner once again. Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year! CREW Nathan…

MultiVersus - Official The Joker Reveal Trailer (ft. Mark Hamill)

Game TrailersMultiVersus - Official The Joker Reveal Trailer (ft. Mark Hamill) Plastic Wax The Joker is coming to MultiVersus. Check out the latest cinematic trailer for MultiVersus to see the reveal of The Joker (featuring the voice of actor…

MultiVersus - Official Launch Trailer - Stars Collide, Pies Fly

Game TrailersMultiVersus - Official Launch Trailer - Stars Collide, Pies Fly Plastic Wax Ready your pies, grab a sandwich, and sharpen your skills, cause it's almost time to jump back into the mayhem. Welcome back to MultiVersus, MVPs!…

Flying Man

Commercials - VFXShort FilmCommercials - VFX Flying Man Dans Digital In a short span of forty years, Shenzhen has grown from a frontier town to an international metropolis.This miracle was created by the dreams and efforts of countless people.With…

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Feature Films VFXAquaman and the Lost Kingdom Video unavalable for public display MPC Led by Production VFX Supervisor Nick Davies and MPC VFX Supervisor Hubert Maston, MPC completed work for Aquaman from concept through to final frame. This…

The Little Mermaid

Feature Films VFXThe Little Mermaid Video unavalable for public display MPC Led by MPC VFX Supervisors Patrick Ledda, Luca Bonatti and Sebastien Raets, VFX Producer June Aparici and Executive VFX Producer Christoph Roth, MPC’s teams spread across…

Jurassic Park - Survival

Game Trailers Jurassic Park - Survival REALTIME Premiered at the Game Awards, the Jurassic Park: Survival Announcement Trailer was crafted in Houdini by REALTIME and is the first teaser of Saber Interactive’s exciting new survival game that…

Zhu Que

Short FilmEvent Openers Zhu Que Dans Digital The film adopts the echnique of full three-dimensional production to vividly simulate the future launch of the reusable liquid oxygen methane rocket Zhuque III through a one-minute extra-long shot. In…


Feature Films VFXNapoleon MPC Led by Production VFX Supervisor Charley Henley, MPC VFX Supervisor Luc-ewen Martin-fenouillet, MPC completed 250 shots for Director Ridley Scott’s latest tour de force. The magnitude of Napoleon’s battles had to reach…


Feature Films VFX Spaceman MPC Working closely with Director Johan Renck and Production VFX Supervisor Matt Sloan from the preproduction stages through to final VFX, MPC delivered over 800 shots for Spaceman. As the sole vendor on Spaceman, MPC had…

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

MPC VFX Supervisor Richard Little MPC VFX Supervisor Carlos Caballero Valdés Feature Films VFX Transformers: Rise of the Beasts MPC Production VFX Supervisor Gary Brozenich oversaw the visual effects, working with MPC VFX Supervisors Richard Little…


Feature Films VFX Strays MPC Led by Production VFX Supervisor Jason Billington and Animation Director Matt Everitt, 370 artists across MPC Adelaide, Bangalore and Mumbai delivered 720 shots for the movie. To deliver Director Josh Greenbaum’s…

To Infinity and Beyond

Short FilmCommercials - VFX To Infinity and Beyond Dans Digital This is a promotional video for the city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen, a new city that emerged after China's reform and opening up, has created a miracle in the history of human urban…

Victoria Fires - Leave Early

Commercials - VFX Victoria Fires - Leave Early AIRBAG This campaign is based on three separate stories of the same family. The parents are faced with the option of fleeing their home in the face of danger or making the decision to leave early. In…

Bangalow Koalas

Commercials - Animation Bangalow Koalas AIRBAG We open on a typical Australian bush scene, the camera pushing in and focusing on a specific tree. In the crook of one of the branches is a koala. The Koala is eating leaves and we watch it as the VO…
Ahsoka 24 after


TV Series Ahsoka - Mastery in Blending Fantasy and Reality Rising Sun Pictures After the fall of the Galactic Empire, former Jedi Ahsoka Tano investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy. video unavailable for public viewing CREW ADAM…
05 indy5 after

Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny - New York Chase Sequence

Feature Film Sequence Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny - New York Chase Sequence Rising Sun Pictures Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artifact that can change the course of history. video unavailable for…
05 indy5 after

Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny

Feature Film VFX Indiana Jones & The Dial of DestinyHorse, Trains and Planes Rising Sun Pictures Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artifact that can change the course of history. video unavailable for public…
10 loki2 after


TV Series Loki Miss Minutes and more Rising Sun Pictures The second season of the American television series Loki, based on Marvel Comics featuring the character of the same name, sees Loki working with Mobius M. Mobius, Hunter B-15, and other…
the marvels 13

The Marvels

Feature Films VFX The Marvels Rising Sun Pictures Carol Danvers gets her powers entangled with those of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, forcing them to work together to save the universe. video unavailable for public viewing CREW JAMIE MACDOUGALL •…

One Piece - Titles

Titles/Openers - TV One Piece Rising Sun Pictures In a seafaring world, a young pirate captain sets out with his crew to attain the title of Pirate King, and to discover the mythical treasure known as 'One Piece.' video unavailable for public…

One Piece

TV Series One Piece Rising Sun Pictures In a seafaring world, a young pirate captain sets out with his crew to attain the title of Pirate King, and to discover the mythical treasure known as 'One Piece.' video unavailable for public viewing CREW…

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox

Game Trailers Warframe: The Duviri Paradox Axis Studios Axis joined forces with Hammer Creative to create a wildly imaginative and powerful cinematic trailer for the new Warframe expansion, The Duviri Paradox. Led by director Abed…

The Kitchen

Feature Films VFX The Kitchen Axis Studios Written by Daniel Kaluuya in his first screenwriting credit, and co-directed by Kaluuya with Kibwe Tavares, The Kitchen is a beautifully realised science fiction movie set in a dystopian…

Knockout Chaos : Anthony Joshua X Francis Ngannou

Commercials - Animation Knockout Chaos : Anthony Joshua X Francis Ngannou The Mill Paris Riyadh Season aimed to launch a global campaign to hook boxing fans across continents and generations. Boosting Pay Per View subscriptions and increasing…

Jean Paul Gaultier - Divine

Commercials - Animation Jean Paul Gaultier - Divine The Mill Paris Jean Paul Gaultier chose Yara Shahidi, actress, model, and activist, as the ambassador for its Divine perfume, representing unconditionally free and diverse femininity. Viewers…

Trust Journey

Commercials - Animation Trust Journey The Mill Paris It can be difficult to gain confidence in oneself and even more so in one’s colleagues. As the subject of confidence is broached, the protagonist takes off into an enchanted cubic world and…

Vonfelt - Je Pars

Music Video Vonfelt - Je Pars KINEMUS As the night comes, the journey begins. Running, rushing, racing. Unbound from time and swept away by the night’s surreal cascade of lights, we leave day-life behind. CREW Director: Michelle Brand


Short FilmSMOKO Triple Meat SMOKO is a short animated film created to showcase the multifaceted talents at Triple Meat, the adult-content wing of Independent Australian animation studio DAVE Enterprises. SMOKO taps into the rich vein of…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Feature Film Animation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Cinesite Cinesite contributed 21 minutes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, adding its distinctive visual style to match the rest of the film. Full of exaggerated…

Louis Vuitton - The Holiday Season

Commercials - Animation Louis Vuitton - The Holiday Season The Mill Paris (Mikros Image SAS) Step into the magical journey alongside the Louis Vuitton's beloved mascot, Vivienne, and her playful companion, Teddy. Explore the Maison's holiday…

Duracell - Bunny Saves Christmas

Commercials - Animation Duracell - Bunny Saves Christmas The Mill Paris (Mikros Image SAS) Crafted by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Geoffroy Barbet Massin through Mill+ Paris, this charming animated Duracell advertisement features the iconic…

My Jumper, it Roars!

Short Film My Jumper, it Roars! Flying Bark Productions Ellie spends her life channelling her frustrations into the collar of her jumper, and one day it decides to fight back.Once a rambunctious kid, life’s pressures have jaded Ellie and she…


Student Alone UTS Animal Logic Academy During a lengthy space voyage to a distant galaxy, a solitary robot diligently tends to the human incubators, ensuring the survival of the settlers on the new planet. Watching the dreams of…

Coffee Brake

Coffee Brake UTS Animal Logic Academy In the drab confines of a grey office, Gary and Carol await their daily respite: The tea break. The highlight: A lone doughnut. The race for the last doughnut ignites as the clock strikes 3.…

Children of Chaos

Music Video Children of Chaos Passion Paris Production Around a crater on a lifeless planet, a network of strange individuals, all identical, weaves into a circle. As if in communion, lobotomized and devoid of…

The Obvious Match: Slide & Sock

Commercials - Animation The Obvious Match: Slide & Sock Passion Paris Production Kyle Platts joins the Obvious Matches campaign, featuring an iconic duo: the slide and the sock. The film illustrates the obvious feeling…

Josh Cellars Reserve - Reserved for You and Yours

Commercials - VFX Josh Cellars Reserve - Reserved for You and Yours Psyop For our work with Josh Cellars, our teams were tasked with telling the story of life's celebratory, wine worthy moments in an interesting way both conceptually and…
Fusefx benedict

AEAF Awards 2024 Open for Entries

FuseFX - The Mysterious Benedict Society AEAF Awards 2024 is now open for entries. You and your team have had a busy year building and destroying worlds, designing looks, telling new stories and bringing characters to life. Now is the time to enter your…

AEAF Awards 2023 Finalists

The winners in each category Gold - Silver - Bronze - will be announced at the AEAF Awards Online Screening on 28 September The winners in each category, Gold - Silver - Bronze, will be announced at the AEAF Awards Online Screening 28 September from : 7pm…
Cowboy bebop rsp

AEAF Awards 2023 – Call for Entries

AEAF Awards 2023 are now open for entries. Start 2023 by entering your team’s best work from the past year. AEAF Awards are given in 20 categories.
Halo mpc 1

AEAF Awards 2022 Winners Full List - Watch AEAF Awards Reel

The winners in each category Gold - Silver - Bronze have been announced at the AEAF Awards Screening on 28 September The AEAF Awards Finalists and Winners have been announced in all categories. The work is beautiful. Please see the full listing below, and go…
WetaDigi GodzillaKong2

AEAF Awards 2021 Winners

2021 has been a wonderful AEAF! Congratulations to everyone that has participated. We hope you enjoyed watching the Awards Showreel with us. See the list of winners and awards
Tom wood RSP 2018a

RSP - VFX Supervisor Tom Wood - 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Tom Wood from Rising Sun Pictures in Adelaide will speak at AEAF about his most recent work leading the team in creature, environment and FX work for 'Thor: Ragnarok'. AEAF Speaker Program Network, Learn and Share at AEAF 2018. AEAF is a celebration of VFX…
Simon Pickard AnimalLogic

Animal Logic - Animation Supervisor Simon Pickard - Peter Rabbit

Simon will talk at AEAF about Animal Logic's most recent project, the hybrid/animation feature film 'Peter Rabbit'. Apart from nailing the animation and character FX of a cast of CG bunnies and creatures, one of the key aspects of this production was working…

'Game of Thrones' Series 7 Comes to AEAF Awards in Sydney

'Game of Thrones' Series 7 Comes to AEAF Awards in Sydney Keep your eyes on the TV Series category at AEAF. The well-known series 'Game of Thrones' has consistently called for top notch visual effects during its seven seasons. This year, AEAF has received…
AFTRSOpen Film animation2

Building Large-Scale Storyworlds at AEAF

Susan Danta from AFTRS Sydney will talk at AEAF about course content and opportunities for animators and filmmakers in the school’s Master of Arts for Screen: Animation.
Weta valerian thousand planets

AEAF Awards Feature Film Entries Break Records

By official close of entries, AEAF Awards has received an unprecedented number of entries in the Feature Film VFX category from some of the world’s top visual effects and animation teams.
Axis Forza 1

Axis and Jumbla Drive Motion Design for Forza Motorsport

Axis and Jumbla Drive Motion Design for Forza Motorsport Axis Animation in Scotland, known for their striking and original work for video games, feature films, television and theme parks, has partnered with design and film production company Jumbla in…
Sheldon stopsack pirates


AEAF takes place on 16 August, in Paddington Sydney. Following a packed day of talks from the leading lights of the industry, the AEAF Awards Night is a celebration of the best work by artists from around the world.
Rotor studio scott morgan2

Rotor Studios Zoom into AEAF’s Speaker Line-up

Rotor Studios Zoom into AEAF’s Speaker Line-up Two speakers from Rotor Studios in Sydney are joining the line-up at AEAF, Director and Managing Partner Scott Bradley and Head of Design Glenn Stewart. Rotor specialises in all aspects of computer generated…
Sequence Star Wars Commander

The Sequence Group Set to Speak at AEAF

Founder and creative director Ian Kirby and partner and creative director Luke Bicevskis are coming to speak at AEAF in August from award-winning creative studio The Sequence Group, based in Vancouver & Melboune.