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AEAF Awards Celebrates Winners and Finalists

AEAF 2020 Awards Celebrates Winners and Finalists It's time to congratulate everyone who has entered the AEAF 2020 Awards. All winners are listed below along with all finalists. Many thanks to everyone who has entered the AEAF 2020 Awards. All winners are… read more
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AEAF 2020 Speaker Program

AEAF 2020 Speaker Program AEAF Awards Online - Webinars 13 - 15 August AEAF is a celebration of VFX and Animation with a Speaker Program and Awards. AEAF 2020 will bring the Speakers and Awards event to your device, wherever you are. Follow webinar talks on…
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Meet the Expert VFX and Animation Storytellers at AEAF

AEAF’s virtual event is just a month away with speakers presenting on topics from VFX and animation in TV series and movies, to wrapping your pipeline around USD on a budget.
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Top Level Feature Films Are Ready to Roll at AEAF Awards

AEAF Awards’ Feature Film categories are huge, varied and exciting. Everyone devoted to movies and filmmaking is invited to tune in and watch the AEAF 2020 showreel on 14 August.

AEAF Awards Gather Momentum with Projects from Unstoppable Artists

There’s still time to enter AEAF Awards – but not much. Check out the project write-ups inside and follow the links to watch work that will put your digital imagination in motion.
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Axis Studios Creates Sweet Drama for ‘Magic: The Gathering’

Axis Studios’ cinematic trailer for trading card game 'Magic: The Gathering' has gone viral. Here the team tells about their pipeline and how 3D worlds can bring new life to established brands.
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AEAF Shows Off Beautiful Work for TV, Film, Digital – and Beyond

Terrific new entries have rolled into AEAF over the last weeks, beautiful work for feature films, TV shows and spots, augmented reality and more. See inside, and be sure to enter your own work, too.