TV Series

Foundation Season 2

Rodeo FX


"The challenges in creating a massive object in a CG space like Trantor and its giant orbiting rings, involved making it appear realistic from both a distance and up close. To achieve this, we paid close attention to the scale of details and constantly adjusted the zoom levels to ensure a consistent look in all shots. The fun twist was that achieving a realistic scale for these rings proved to be a unique challenge since a true-to-scale ring would have been minuscule compared to the planet in the context of the show. That’s why we had to take a creative approach to this specific part. The LookDev and Texture work also played a crucial role in making the object appear harmonious in terms of scale. We started with sections of a city, which served as the foundation (pun intended) for the object's surface. A key reference point was the scale of a skyscraper borrowed from Trantor, which helped establish a benchmark for size and maintain visual consistency.


Episode 1 stood out above the rest, where Hari Seldon, a digital consciousness became trapped. This required our team to create a full CG environment, with a polygonal prism at the heart of the narrative. Throughout the season, we dedicated ourselves to crafting immersive full CG environments, enhancing the visual storytelling and plunging the audience into the world of Foundation.

Two scenes that demanded meticulous attention to detail were the Veranda Scene and the conflict between terminites and the Empire.
The Veranda Scene depicts a gripping beheading ceremony, with the unexpected arrival of Hober Mallow in the whisper ship jumping out of hyperspace directly onto the veranda, resulting in explosive action and an attack on the Emperor. In the Space battle, we showcased the conflict between the Terminites and the Empire, featuring the rebel's spaceship and the Empire's preparations for attack."



Matthew Rouleau ; Olivier Martin ; Estelle Saint Jours ; Anthony Mimoz ; Fabrice Vienne ; Thomas Bourdis ; Etienne Deville


Maya, Nuke, Katana, Golaem, Houdini