TV Series

The Witcher Season 3

Rodeo FX


"Our work started in episode 1, with the first creature of this new season, the Jackapace. This armadillo-like monster, attacks our characters in the centre of the maze during a masquerade party, drawn by Ciri’s elvish blood. Creating the Jackapace was a challenge in itself as we needed to not only have him walk and run within the maze, but also turn into a ball and roll. This required us to craft a complex set of muscles, but also back scales that could fold together and follow his movements. We then had to carefully time the action to have Ciri volt over him or Geralt fly away as it pushes him away. Our FX team even unleashed some powerful wind for Yennefer’s spell. Finally, after nearly 130 days of work, the Jackapace was ready to met his demise… only lasting just under a minute against Cavill.

Rodeo was back in the second part of the season, this time following Ciri’s journey into mastering her chaos. After a first encounter with fire magic, which had us creating devilish CG flames wrapped around Freya Allan’s character, Rodeo introduce the audience to her new unicorn companion. Based on the performance of a real horse on stage, the work became much harder when both Ciri and her steed had to face a gigantic Pit Monster. This beast, with elements of Scorpion and rocks was especially hard to animate as multiple footage had to be integrated together: the CG version of the monster, Allan’s stunts in front of a blue screen and footage of the horse and his handler. Add to this clouds of sands being thrown around and an incredible, slow-motion jump, and you have an epic battle."



Sadjad Rabee (FX), Christian Salazaar (Light), Ivan Cadena(Anim), Ling-Jun Zhang(Anim) , Kenneth Lai (CFX) Lucian Boicu (2D Supervisor), Loic Beguel (CG Supervisor), Sebastien Francoeur (VFX Supervisor), **Graeme Marshall (VFX Producer)


Maya, Nuke, Katana, Golaem, Houdini