TV Series

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1

Rodeo FX


"The opening sequence of the show set in the air temple required intricate crowd simulations and set extensions, seamlessly integrating digital elements with live-action footage, to bring the audience to this amazing new world right from the start. However, we also got to show another side of the peaceful Air Nomads, as they engage in a battle of incredible bending techniques against the Fire Nation fighters, which pushed us to develop new skills to integrate crowds and cloth simulation as we witness this pivotal moment in Aang's story. From FX simulation for the wind and fire to destruction and live-action stunt doubles, this opening sequence will definitely go down as one of the most incredible sequences we ever delivered.

A crucial part of our work on the seasons was the incredibly detailed digi-doubles we created for the main characters such as Aang. These doubles were used throughout the show to blend the characters into action-packed scenes, be it as they escape from the fire nation with the help of the mysterious Blue Spirit, or when they come to visit the ruins of the Air Temple, showcasing for the first time Aang's powers as the Avatar, and his signature blue runes. For this scene in particular, the wind and debris were set in a carefully choreographed FX ballet of destruction, while our animators did an absolute masterpiece in recreating Aang's face as a battle of emotions is raging deep inside himself, giving birth to an extremely emotional scene."



Paul Tempelman, Jenna Howard, Adrien Barbier, Amina Tan, Marc-Andre Poulin, Thibaud Chantrel, David Raymond, Steph Wagner, Pierre Gobilliard, Vignesh Ravi, Antoine Werder Aviles, Josee Chapdelaine, Etienne Devillee, Patrick Bacon, Sadjad Rabiee, Jean Burtschell, David Rodriguez Jaramillo, Frederic Soumagnas, Rafael Costa Tomazzi, Eleonore Bessaguet, Emilien Breuillier, Jean-Michel Cristofaro, Jean-Michel St-Pierre Lapierre, Julie Tardieu, Jimmy Lavallee, Nicholas Dunn, Thomas Nivet, Lourenco Abreu, Guillaume Berthoumieue


Maya, Nuke, Katana, Golaem, Houdini