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Victoria Fires - Leave Early



This campaign is based on three separate stories of the same family. The parents are faced with the option of fleeing their home in the face of danger or making the decision to leave early. In all cases we play out the scenarios and find that leaving early is the best choice. The TVCs were all shot in Victoria and with no way to light any fires on-set, we were tasked with adding smoke, ash and fire to all of the shots. In some cases the smoke and ash was subtle, and in other shots, it meant a huge amount of plate cleanup, CG fire and smoke sims, and compositing. We also added CG cockatoos and a kangaroos to two shots - to bring the threat to wildlife into focus. https:/airbagco.digitalpigeon.com/shr/wSXhEOS2Ee6qRgaLjHVMdw/zSee4ZxZG_Ocb5FwkOd7Cg# - AIRBAG - Vic Fires - AEAF Award Entry 2024


VFX Studio : The Mill Paris
Executive producer : Fabien LECLERC
VFX producer : Marie-Cécile JUGLAIR, Kahina LAMBLIN
CG supervisor : Vincent CONI, Alexandre CORCOY
VFX Coordinator : Mathilde COHEN-SELMON, Milan VICET, Alexandre DUPOUY
Modeling & Environnement : Xin PANG, Stéphane DUFOURNIER
Generalist : Vincent CONI, Alexandre CORCOY, Guillaume THEBAULT
Matte Painting : Alexia FERY Fur : Marion RESPAUD
Rigging : Marine SISNAKI, Agathe DE CACQUERAY
Animation : Pamella NABAIS, Tristan DOMENJUS, Ferdinand BOUTARD, Alban LELIEVRE, Geoffroy BARBET-MASSIN
Lighting : Guillaume DADAGLIO, Guillaume THEBAULT
Compositing : Vivien EBRAN, Killian ROY
Grading: Nicolas GAUTIER
Grading assistant: Violette MADRID

Production Company: AIRBAG
Director: Rune Milton
Producer: Karen Sproul
EP/Head of Production: Martin Box
Managing Partner: Adrian Bosich
Cinematographer: Jeremy Rouse
Offline Editor: Drew Thompson ASE (Arc) & Adam Nielsen
Editorial Producer: Winnie O'Neil (Arc)
Music Supervisor and Sound Designer: Kevin Koch (Chemistry Sound & Music)
Composer: Jonas Horstad Larsen