Commercials - VFX

Josh Cellars Reserve - Reserved for You and Yours



For our work with Josh Cellars, our teams were tasked with telling the story of life's celebratory, wine worthy moments in an interesting way both conceptually and technically. Using an XR stage, or volume stage, we integrate the 3D environments we created using Unreal Engine and Maya into the physical world by tracking the camera moves so the motion feels seamless. We then polish up the appearance of these digital sets in post production, creating all the exteriors from scratch. To accomplish each deliverable for this campaign meant juggling many different tools including traditional filmmaking, real time game engine software and 3D post production software to blend it all together.


Lead Technical Director: Matthias Bauerle
Modeler: Peter Dorsey, Thomas Sali
Texture Artist: Thomas Sali, Justus Schmidt, Alvaro Zabala, Max Zachner
Lighter: Matthias Bauerle, Thomas Sali, Justus Schmidt, Heiko Schneck
2D Supervisor: Matthias Bauerle
2D Animator: Clint Chang, Luna Kim, Thomas Sali
Compositor: Matthias Bauerle, Thomas Sali, Justus Schmidt
VFX Supervisor: Matthias Bauerle

Director: Alan Bibby
Producer: Robert Aldag, Amy Fahl
Designer: Caroline Goehner
Storyboard Artist: Syd Fini