Short Film
Commercials - VFX

To Infinity and Beyond

Dans Digital


This is a promotional video for the city of Shenzhen.
Shenzhen, a new city that emerged after China's reform and opening up, has created a miracle in the history of human urban development in the past forty years. Unlike other Chinese cities, Shenzhen does not have rich cultural heritage, but it is also not bound by stereotypical historical and cultural traditions. Therefore, we took an unconventional approach by using science fiction as the medium with the core theme of Shenzhen's 44-year reform spirit featuring "Dare to explore", and employed the technique of borrowing things to express aspirations to symbolize that Shenzhen is a city marked by innovation and high-end technology.
It is worth mentioning that in the video, hundreds of buildings are real, existing entities in reality, and we have almost realistically transported "Shenzhen" into a spaceship, which required a tremendous amount of effort and workmanship to achieve.
Once released on social media, the video generated phenomenal buzz, with over 130 million video views, creating a new paradigm for urban promotional videos.