Music Video


Heckler Singapore


An intriguingly detailed, fully-animated world for video game Valorant, in partnership with Korea based girl band XG, to promote its upcoming global tournament the Valorant Champions Tour Pacific.

A key aspect of the project was finding the perfect aesthetic— a visually captivating world with subtle nods to familiar landscapes yet imbued with a distinct, alternate reality. The team meticulously crafted over 80 shots featuring ten distinct cityscapes, seamlessly blending intricate 3D environments with hand-drawn cell animation.


Heckler Singapore
Director: Cody Amos
Executive Producer: Charu Menon
Senior VFX Producer: Xinhui Zheng
CG Lead: Sam Schwier
Compositing Lead: Davor Zec
3D Artists: Kepa Casado, Toby Lewin, Yong Soon Ong, Nizam Mohammed & Shazni Muhammad
2D Character Animation: Drasik Studio
Edit/Motion Design/IO: Zackery Wang, Craig Woo
Storyboard Artists: Abdul Wahid, Danielle Melianti


Nuke, Houdini, Substance, Maya