Live Event Installations & Projections

Monet in Paris - AI Generated Outdoor Kiosks



T&DA, in collaboration with Mitsubishi and agency Richards Rose, has pioneered a groundbreaking AI-generated outdoor kiosk experience for the Monet in Paris exhibition. As the exhibition travels across the country, our immersive activation promises to captivate audiences for years to come.
The user experience is at the heart of our creation. We’ve developed a custom-built Outdoor Touch Kiosk powered by our software solution, offering an interactive and immersive journey. Utilising technologies by combining body segmentation with performant style transfer, we deliver a seamless process from capturing images to applying the iconic Claude Monet style.

With our innovative kiosk, users can trigger the experience, capture breathtaking photos, and restart the journey, all through touch and body detection. Our Style Transfer implementation brings Monet’s artistic style to life, transforming images into masterpieces. Every creation can be shared with a QR code provided for added convenience.

In addition we partnered with New Holland Creative, to create 26 awe-inspiring content screens projected at an enormous scale. Directed by Ryan Maddox, this car ad for Mitsubishi utilised projecting art onto the car itself to help bring the story to the screens.


EP: Tyrone Estephan
Producer: Malinda McGuire
Creative Director: Ray Leung
Developer: Sean Simon


AI (Stable Diffusion), Photoshop, Unity, Nuke