Live Event Installations & Projections

KDDI Expo Barcelona - Exhibition Film



KDDI is one of Japans largest telecommunication companies. However, KDDI is more than a traditional telecom company. They are the Life Transformation Company.

In another collaboration with VML Ogilvy, New Holland Creative was asked to design and direct a motion graphics film for KDDI to appear at Expo MWC2024 in Madrid.

Their technology innovation has evolved how people consume products, content & services through developments in how we live, work and play. To build a vision of our best next life, we have dreamed at the leading-edge of technology, then connected everything into seamless, immersive and enchanting experiences that transport us into tomorrow.

New Holland approached this designed animation using data supplied by KDDI and fed it into our Houdini 3D pipeline. The particle fx play a crucial role in our data visualisation process, contributing to the visualisation of the KDDI icons that represent the different streams of the KDDI business.


VFX Supervisor: David Edwards
EP: Takeshi Takada
Creative Director/Comp: Brendan Savage
Producer: Takefumi Saito
CG/MGFX: Luke Carvell