Feature Film VFX




Amazon’s sci-fi epic FOE tells the story of a near future where nothing is quite as it seems. Remote framers Hen and Junior have their quiet life thrown into turmoil when an uninvited stranger shows up at their door with a startling proposal. The team at Alt.vfx were sole vendor on the film, working with director Garth Davis from script to final picture, including large environment builds and Cg augmentation of existing sets and in-camera elements. Additional scenes also required intricate VFx set ups such as fire, dust storms and even CG beetles to bring Garth’s stunning vision to life.


VFX Production Manager: Jayce Attewell
Concept Artist: Luke Bubb
Senior Compositor: Genevieve Camilleri
Lighting Artist: Sheng-Ti Chen
Senior Environment Artist: Michael Cox
Head of Production: Flavia Dias Riley
VFX Capture: Mauricio Ferrando
VFX Editor: Harry Gale
VFX Assistant Attachment: Joel Godfrey
VFX Supervisor: Jason Hawkins
VFX Artist: Rui Li
VFX Producer: Octavia Mansfield
VFX Executive Producer: Mark A. Millar
VFX Producer: Eloise Miscamble
VFX Artist: Christophe Pacaud
Digital Compositor: Prabal Pavithran
Junior Compositor / VFX Editor: Ryan Phillips
VFX Executive (Amazon Studios): Paige Prokop
Compositor: William Scowsill
VFX Production Assistant: Kate Sparrow
VFX Executive Producer: Takeshi Takada
Lighting Artist: Adam Wong
VFX Executive (Amazon Studios): Juliette Yager
Compositor: Trent Adamczyk


Maya, Houdini, Nuke