Corporate Video

Paxos The Future of Finance

Never Sit Still


Paxos harnesses the power of blockchain to create infrastructure that enables enterprises to bring-to-market innovative products that will power the financial markets of tomorrow.

We were engaged to create a brand film to increase awareness and build further positive perception of Paxos as the leading B2B blockchain infrastructure platform. Working closely with the Paxos team, we handled the project from the concept phase and storyboarding through to design and final motion.

Drawing inspiration from their existing brand toolkit, we developed a clear, sophisticated and futuristic aesthetic that reflects Paxos’ own values and practices — transparency, trust, regulatory clarity and best-in-class technology. The result is a sleek 3D animated piece that showcases how Paxos is safely and securely opening the world’s financial system to everyone.


Client — Paxos
Animation Studio — Never Sit Still
Sound Design — Smith & Western

Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Producer — Sharon Lim
Creative Director — Zoe Crocker
Creative Lead / Project Lead — Ben Walker
3D Technical Lead — Bruno Borio
Storyboarding & Concepting — Ben Walker, Nancy Li, James Vallance, Melany Webster
2D Design & Animation — Ben Walker, Howe Tom, Max Cao, Nancy Li, Sylvia Leo
3D Design & Animation — Howe Tom, Max Cao, Nancy Li, Gareth Chang, Jason Chow, Jason Poley, Stee Shaw
Script — Victoria O'Brien


After Effects, Cinema 4D