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Hello Christmas



Dasher, a CGI animated reindeer journeys through a stunning landscape with rolling hills and bouncing CGI kangaroos before she finds herself lost in suburban Australia.

A tucked away town decorated in festive strings of tinsel, wooden cut outs of Santa, and Snowmen placed on dusty lawns exudes the spirit of Christmas in the most uniquely Australia way.

Dasher is led to the home of Cassie, a little girl who realises the reindeer is lost and sets out to help her find her way home to Santa via the help of her local Telstra payphone.

The story's purpose illustrates Christmas as an important time of year, where many young children across the world still believe in Santa. Each year, telecoms provider Telstra puts on a hotline, where any child in the country can call 'Santa' and have a chat about what they would like for Christmas. This spots celebrates the magic of that Christmas spirit, and keeping the dream of kindness and hope alive.


ANIMATION: Brendan Jacquin
Chris Rentoul
Sean Harper
LIGHTING: Jamie White
Cameron Mclean
David Chen
PREVIS + PIPE: Chris Gardner
FX: Nick Angus
Cooper Johnstone
MODEL: Sam Lee
Mitchell Robinson
Michael Cox
RIGGING: Jordan McInnes
SIM: Evgeny Glazryn
PRODUCTION: Martina Joison
Carly Rosenberg
Hugo munro
Jay Hawkins
COMP: Joe Stenning
Marc Gollenia
Matty Chance
Murray Smallwood
Ryan Phillips
Tom Clapp
Scott wilson
Will Scowsill
ONLINE: Ant Newton