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RY X - Moths

Rodeo FX


Australian singer and musician, RY X, partnered with Pegasus Distillerie and joined forces with Rodeo FX to create something truly unique for the release of his new song, "MOTHS." This project took shape in the enchanting Sahara Desert, blending together the elements of an advertising campaign and a music video.


Executive producer Marie-Piere Poulin
VFX producer Emilie Debiasi
VFX coordinator Emilie Cuendet
VFX Supervisor Erik Gagnon
Head of Matte Painting Frederic St-Arnaud
Matte painter Sean Samuels
Matte painter Simon Jolicoeur
Lead CMM Samuel David
Head of 2D Saul Rodriguez
Flame artist Anne Georges
Flame artist Camille Potvin
Flame artist Cesar Mion
Nuke artist Eddy Chan
Nuke artist Pierre Doizy
Layout artist Raul Adrian Baeza
Assistant post-production Jackson Mutale


Flame, Photoshop