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Aero - Mind Bubbling

Rodeo FX


In its first collaboration with AERO, Cossette unveils the "Mind Bubbling" campaign. Inspired by the sensation of rich, creamy bubbles melting in your mouth, this playful campaign revolves around the ritual of enjoying the AERO Truffle chocolate bar. It reminds enthusiasts that the best way to savor it is to let the bubbles melt.


Executive Producer - Marie-Piere Poulin
Executive Creative Director - Romain Demongeot
Producer - Anne-Lise Pollakowsky
VFX Supervisor - Erik Gagnon
CG Supervisor - Philippe Gonzalez
Bidding Producer - Emilie Debiasi
Coordinators - Ariane Dumouchel, Joanie Cyr, Emilie Cuendet
Motion Capture - Olivier Barbès-Morin, Antoine Bordeleau
Concept - François Croteau
Previsualization - Alessio Rosio
Asset Development - Anthony Lassus, Sylvain Lebeau, Vincent Desjardins
Modeling - Marianna Giugno
Rigging - Silvio Torres
Look Dev - Marina Larose
Grooming - Lea Dozoul
Texturing - Diego Romo Haro
FX Artist - Catherine R Dion
Lead Animation - Sean Conly
Animation - Jonathan Bourdua, Ling-Jun Zhang
Composer - Benoit Imbert
Colorist - Benoit Coté
Production Assistant - Jackson Mutale


Flame, Houdini, Maya, AfterEffect, Photoshop