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Kirin Ichiban

Never Sit Still


Kirin Ichiban is a premium Japanese beer brewed from 100% malt using the First Press method. Translating to ‘first’ and ‘best’, Ichiban is a uniquely smooth, robust, and full-bodied beer.

In collaboration with Lion and Thinkerbell, our objective was to celebrate this premium beer through an equally premium advertisement. Utilising 3D techniques, the campaign prominently highlighted Ichiban’s unique production process known as ‘First Press,’ which involves extracting only the initial press of liquid from the malt, capturing the essence of its purest ingredients. With this vision in mind, the entire campaign centred around a paper embossing technique, intricately pressing out the details of the Kirin label artwork and the beer itself.

The project deliverables encompassed video assets for both television and social media, alongside key visuals for for out-of-home and print assets.


Client — Lion
Agency — Thinkerbell
Animation Studio — Never Sit Still
Sound Design — Squeak E. Clean

Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Producer — Darcy Green
Creative Director — Zoe Crocker
Creative Lead — Bruno Borio
3D Design & Motion — Bruno Borio, Howe Tom, Sylvia Leo, Jimmy Vallance, Jonathan Pui, Nancy Li, Max Cao


Cinema 4D