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Kirin Hyoketsu

Never Sit Still


Introducing Kirin Hyoketsu, Japan’s favourite pre-mix! Made with the innovative Hyoten Toketsu method, freezing natural fruit juice to capture its freshness, this refreshing blend of vodka, soda, and frozen lemon delivers intense flavour. With only 0.3 grams of sugar and 116 calories per can, say hello to Kirin Hyoketsu.

We partnered with the team at Lion to create a campaign to welcome Hyoketsu to Australia. With deliverables spanning from short social media assets, digital OOH, to wide format billboards, the entire campaign focussed on capturing the essence of Hyoketsu which means freeze.

Utilising Tokyo street photography and footage, plus a bold and punchy graphic style - the hyoketsu campaign is as unapologetic as it tastes!


Client — Lion
Animation Studio — Never Sit Still
Sound Design — Smith & Western

Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Producer — Darcy Green
Creative Director — Zoe Crocker
Creative Lead — Supriya Bhonsle
3D Lead — Bruno Borio
Script Development — Isabelle Trudgian
Design — Supriya Bhonsle, Mulanne Phan, Jolie Zhang, Isabelle Trudgian
3D Development — Howe Tom, Sylvia Leo, Nancy Li
Animation — Supriya Bhonsle, Isabelle Trudgian, Jolie Zhang, Melany Webster, Jimmy Vallance, Chantelle Micallef, Ben Walker
OOH Assets — Supriya Bhonslem Jolie Zhang, Jimmy Vallance
Voiceover — SoraTheTroll



After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro