Commercials - Animation

Bangalow Koalas



We open on a typical Australian bush scene, the camera pushing in and focusing on a specific tree. In the crook of one of the branches is a koala. The Koala is eating leaves and we watch it as the VO talks about the tragic loss of habitat affecting the lives and future of koalas in Australia.
Dark clouds start to roll in to the background, darkening the sky as the trees slowly disappear. They make way for a new background, the surrounds of a museum. The koala has noticed and tries to walk away but is frozen in time as the museum envelops it.
We are now looking at a stuffed koala in a museum display and the VO tells us that without action, this is the future of koalas in Australia - extinction and taxidermy.

We cut to a wide aerial shot of an Australian landscape, trees are magically filling the gaps and creating bush corridors. This is the way to save the Australian koala.

The TVC ends with a message of hope that it isn’t too late to save koalas if urgently needed funds are given to plant more trees.


Rob Ride - Director & VFX Supervisor
Will Lovett - Lead VFX Artist
Heidi Wentworth-Ping - VFX Assistant

Fergus Rotherham - Colourist
Nick Venn - Producer