The winners in each category  Gold - Silver - Bronze - will be announced at the AEAF Awards Online Screening on 28 September

The winners in each category, Gold - Silver - Bronze, will be announced at the AEAF Awards Online Screening  28 September from : 7pm Sydney, 10am London, 2am Los Angeles  here at 

See you  there for a feast of Animation and VFX.

The AEAF Awards Finalists have been announced in all categories with the the full listing below. Visit the View Entries page on the AEAF website to watch individual projects.

All teams and artists who entered the Awards this year should feel proud of their work. Your entries keep AEAF Awards going and growing and are appreciated tremendously. As the years have gone by, the increase in the number and quality of projects submitted has been exciting. Please enjoy the huge variety, talent and skill on display here.

The range of techniques available to artists now is one of the most impressive trends you will find among the entries. Most of the earlier techniques don’t disappear but are expanded, improved on and used to contribute to the next development – motion capture and keyframing; simulated and procedural effects; rear projection, 3D matte painting and LED screens; from green screen keying and 2D/3D compositing in post to in-camera VFX. We see all of these techniques continue to develop and contribute to one another, and they make the AEAF Awards a thrill to watch as they unfold every year.

However, it’s still never easy to narrow the field towards the ultimate winners. Having so many top notch entries just makes the process harder. Determining and announcing the finalists are the first steps. The AEAF Judging Panel is now hard at work to single out the projects that will receive the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in each category. Stay with us to find out which ones will be the winners in September.

Finalist Projects by Category

The Feature Film and Feature Film Sequence categories this year are inspiration for the whole industry. Digital humans, Marvel heroes, science fiction and fantasy all meet here to make stories and characters come to life for audiences. The VFX and animation teams who work with today’s filmmakers are not only skilled and working to very high standards, but are also extremely creative, visualising stories in ways that make productions stand out. Note: Not all of the entries can be shown online, but will appear on the showreel – so don’t miss it.

WetaFX AvatarTWOW

Feature Film VFX

Top Gun: Maverick - Framestore
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Cinesite
Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers - MPC
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - MPC
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - DNEG
Slumberland - DNEG
Bhediya - MPC
Beast  - Framestore
Elvis - Framestore
65 - Framestore
Astérix & Obélix: The Middle Kingdom - MPC Paris
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 - Wētā FX
Black Adam - Wētā FX
Avatar: The Way of Water - Wētā FX
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Wētā FX
Thor: Love and Thunder - Wētā FX
Cocaine Bear - Wētā FX
Elvis - Rising Sun Pictures
Thor: Love and Thunder - Rising Sun Pictures
Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania - Rising Sun Pictures
I Wanna Dance with Somebody - ReDefine
Three Thousand Years of Longing - Fin Design + Effects
QALA Motion - PhilmCGI


Feature Film Sequence

Extraction 2 - Fin Design + Effects
Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania - Fin Design + Effects
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Framestore
Bhediya - MPC
Slumberland - Outpost VFX
Thor:Love and Thunder - Opening sequence - Rising Sun Pictures

house of the dragon ka 1920

TV Series

DMZ - FuseFX
Julia - FuseFX
The Mysterious Benedict Society - FuseFX
The Orville: New Horizons - FuseFX
Star Wars: Andor - Rising Sun Pictures
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - Rising Sun Pictures
The Rig - Absolute
The Peripheral - BlueBolt
House of the Dragon - MPC
House of the Dragon - Pixomondo
The Boys - Pixomondo
The Last of Us - DNEG
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - DNEG
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die - BlueBolt
Fate: The Winx Saga - Freefolk
Warrior Nun - Season 2 - The Embassy
War of the Worlds Season 3 - Vine FX
Resident Evil - Episode 108 - Reveleations - Netflix
Prehistoric Planet: Season 2 - MPC
The Lazarus Project - Vine FX
Notre-Dame - La Part du Feu - MPC Paris
Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power - Wētā FX
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Wētā FX
See - Pixomondo
Westworld Season 4 - Outpost - VFX
Star Trek: Picard Season 3 - Outpost - VFX
Love, Death & Robots - Night of the Mini Dead - Rodeo FX
The Witcher: Blood Origin - Rodeo FX
Stranger Things Season 4 - Rodeo FX
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - Rodeo FX
The Sandman - Rodeo FX

MPC pinocchio deltoro

Feature Film Animation

Slumberland - Framestore
Beast - Framestore
The Secret Kingdom - Hive Studios International
Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio - MPC


Commercials VFX and Commercials Animation are the biggest, most diverse categories in the Awards, ranging from neat expressive motion graphics to 2D or 3D animated stories, to live action short films for brands with complex visual effects. Sometimes, new filmmaking techniques can even emerge here first, in short form projects like these.

Commercials VFX

Proudly sponsored by


James Squire - Alt VFX
Seeing Chang'an Again - Dans Digital
Hyundai - Have You Tried It - Fin Design + Effects
Sky Sports - Enjoy the Ride - Framestore
Asda - Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas - Framestore
Toyota GR Corolla - Metalmorphosis. Made Untamed - Heckler
MEITUAN - Transformers - Juice
MARJAN - Eric Will's Director Cut - Juice
Lamborghini Revuelto - From Now On - Platige Image
G’Day the Short - Platige Image
Konoz - Platige Image
Renault - Horses - The Mill
Mugler - Angel Elixir - The Mill
Cartier - Tank - The Mill
NASCAR 75th Anniversary - The Mill
EBay - Everyone Deserves Real - The Mill
Koala Kloudcel - VANDAL
Marmite - Baby Scan - Absolute
PepsiCo Melt for You - The Mill
Carlsberg - Chamber of Secrets - Glassworks
MIGROS - Christmas 2022 - Glassworks
Nike - Mercurial 25th Anniversary - Fast is in the Air - Glassworks
Pacific Blue - Not Someday Today - Heckler


Commercials - Animation

Nissan - Cells - Blind Pig
The Co-operative Bank - Withdraw From This - Blind Pig
Small Coin, Big Impact - Dog Ear Films
Three - Jeff's World - Framestore
Nike - Footballverse - Framestore
Virgin Media Ireland - Unleash your Play - Freefolk
Vuze x McLaren - FutureDeluxe
Lexus - AOC Experience - FutureDeluxe
Rick and Morty - Season 6: Wormaggedon - Golden Wolf
Bose Soundbar - Mighty Nice
Endling - Extinction is Forever - Passion Paris Production
Warframe - Ascension Day - Passion Paris Production
Zubr przegania zywiec - Platige Image
NAB Wild World - Alt.VFX
Louis Vuitton - The Mill
Moonpig Gifting Advert 2022 - Glassworks
Audemars Piguet - Seek Beyond - The Mill
Orange - Magic is a Lot of Refurbishing - The Mill
M&S Fairy & Duckie - The Mill
Coca-Cola - Lunar New Year 2023 - Unlisted
Woolworths Bricks Farm - VANDAL
Centrum - The Chewables - Goodman Brothers
MEITUAN – Transformers - Juice

The Live Event Installations and Projections category attracts projects that prove that being there still counts. These productions are immersive and engaging, created on a grand scale. Resolution, image quality, animation and compositing combine to transform environments to places where viewers become participants.


Live Event Installations & Projections

Light Key Future of the Maze - Quanlian 25 - Frees Design International
Mission for Earth Habitation - Collider
From the Sails: Light Years - Art Processors
VIVID 2023 Lighting of the Sydney Opera House Sails - Curiious
Invincible Corals - Plouf Design
Between You and Me - Eggpicnic
Vivid Kids - Spinifex Group
Vivid Sydney 2023 - Inside Out - Customs House - Spinifex Group
House of Naturalia - Visual Monkey
City of Sydney Sydney New Year’s Eve 2022 - VANDAL
Christmas at the Cathedral 2022 - St Mary's Cathedral Sydney - The Electric Canvas
LEGO 3D Billboard - Heckler
The Callisto Protocol 3D Billboards - Rodeo FX
Callisto Protocol - Inmate Bioprocessing Scan - Rodeo FX
Eco - Vivid Sydney 2023 - The Electric Canvas
Vivid Sydney 2023- Barerarerungar - Museum of Contemporary Art - The Electric Canvas
Renaissance Art Vision - Danny Rose Studio
The Matter of Painting - Danny Rose Studio

129 85

Game Trailers

Blocklords: Protect Your House - Axis Studios
Magic The Gathering: March of the Machine - Axis Studios
Magic The Gathering: Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion - Axis Studios
Need for Speed - Unbound Reveal - Realtime
Shrapnel - Plastic Wax
Gotham Knights - Plastic Wax
Multiverse - Plastic Wax
Hogwarts Legacy - Plastic Wax
Mortal Kombat 1 - Plastic Wax
Company of Heroes 3 - Platige Image
The Callisto Protocol - Rise, Dead Man - Rodeo FX
Diablo IV - The Mill
The Elder Scrolls Online: Shadow Over Morrowind - The Mill
EA Wild Hearts - The Mill
EA Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - The Mill

The intensity of the Short Film format makes this category exciting. Telling dramatic stories in a limited time is the perfect challenge for VFX and animation artists, who use their skills to communicate what can’t be expressed in dialogue alone, as demonstrated in the finalist projects here.

287 43

Short Film

Ocean Friends Beyond - Summerland Entertainment
Dreams Never End - Dans Digital
Restarting - Diogo de Oliveira vfx
Life in Smoke - Una Vita in Fumo - Gianluca Fratellini
Hike - Monkeystack
We Will Be Monsters - Plastic Wax
Electric Dreams - Echoes of the Metz Speech - Hasmik Mkhchyan
Fight Your Rival - A Street Fighter Tribute - Jeremy Mansford
Christmas Story - Platige Image
Black Wing Revolver - Heckler

203 76

TV Series - Children

You Look Yummy! - bilibili
Ginger and the Vegeasaurs Season 2 - Cheeky Little Media
Kangaroo Beach - Cheeky Little Media
100% Wolf: Book of Hath - Flyingbark


Titles/Openers - TV

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here - Absolute
Girraphic - Supercars 2023 - Girraphic Park
The Last King of the Cross - MISTER
Bali 2002 - MISTER
Citadel by AGBO - Main Title Sequence - Sarofsky Corp
The Staircase by HBO Max - Sarofsky Corp
Werewolf by Night - Sarofsky Corp
Peacemaker - Sarofsky Corp
The Gray Man - Sarofsky Corp
Cabinet of Curiosities  - The Mill
The Last Year of Television - Dirty Puppet
Stuff The British Stole - WildBear Entertainment
1899 - Framestore

168 87

Web Viral

Be The Change - VANDAL
BSides - Meet The Sidetowners - Blind Pig
The First Digital Nation - Collider
Health Ability - The Well Family  - Client: Health Ability / Studio: Swinburne Living Lab
A Hyperjump in Ventilation - Colour Andre
Estee Lauder - Emerald - MISTER
King Cloud V - MISTER
Hispano Suiza - Carmen - MISTER
NRL Club Rugby League - Motionlab
Cobram Estate - Sutainability - Pixel Melbourne


Mixed Reality

Coca-Cola - Alt VFX
Coca-Cola Halloween - Unbound
The Iconic Runway X - VANDAL
Macquarie Centre Spring - VANDAL
Heritage Lanes - VANDAL
La Pedrera Magical Vision - Glassworks


Corporate Video

Abey - Creating Possibilities - Cadre Pictures
Flagship Fund - Chello
Porsche Design Iconic Machined - Manuel Kotulla
STRIX - Monkeystack
Eight Chifley Foyer Film - pictureDRIFT
EDGE - Net Zero - PlusOne
MEGA - Online Marketplace - Triada Studio

Kids Helpline Hating School 3 motionlab

Education & Infographics

Visualisation of Exotic Pests & Diseases - Charles Sturt University
Kids Helpline - Hating School - Motionlab
TIMG - Motionlab
Zscaler - Motionlab
Cambrian Life the Explosion - Trilobite Productions
Whitelion : The Loudest Call - VANDAL
Google Helpfulness : Rise - Google x Baker Boy - Rise to Your Dream - Vandal


Event Openers

IMPRINT - TEDxSydney 2022 - Studio 3AM
Node 2022 - Vanta Collective - Vanta Collective
Mastercard - Brits - Blind Pig

Plot Twist

Idents & Stings Broadcast

BBC First Dark Side - VANDAL
BBC First Plot Twist - VANDAL
Vicscreen - Cadre Pictures
Pixel 7 - Glassworks

Robo Ramen 01


Robo Ramen - UTS Animal Logic Academy
Night Vision - Xinyuan Chen - University of Technology Sydney

Give it my name - Jasmine Lai - University of Technology Sydney