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Wolf Like Me



Set in and around Adelaide, the series features Josh Gad as Gary, a widowed father living with his 11-year-old wise-beyond-her-years daughter Emma (Ariel Donoghue) as they try to come to terms with the death of Emma’s mother, Lisa.

Season Two has now arrived, and it’s even better than Season One. Gary and Mary are now together and dealing with Mary’s ‘problem’ the best way they can. She has now moved in with him, and he’s created a new hi-tech basement for her to hide in when she undergoes her ‘change’, but across these seven brisk, crisp thirty-minute (at the most) episodes, new obstacles rise up to threaten the future of their relationship and events from the end of series one eventually return to haunt them.

Wolf Like Me doesn’t reinvent the werewolf wheel, but it’s a hugely enjoyable, immersive experience – you’ll binge the series across one evening, it’s that sort of show – and where season one had a certain lightness, Season Two is a little darker. The laughs are fewer and further between. Gary finds himself trapped in the house with Mary-as-wolf (the transformation and wolf effects dotted throughout the episodes are surprisingly effective) when he accidentally turns off the basement security system. A face from Mary’s past reappears and looks to be in danger of coming between the pair. The local police call Gary in for questioning about unexplained deaths in the Outback at the conclusion of the first season. Gad and Fisher are superb as one of TV’s most unusual pairings, and they’re supported by an excellent regular cast, including Emma Lung as Gary’s sister-in-law, Sarah. The series ends on a terrific cliffhanger, and whilst Season Three is yet to be confirmed, there’s clearly plenty of bite left in this quirky, likable and shamelessly moreish little series.


Head of Production/ VFX Producer: Flavia Dias Riley
VFX Supervisor: Jason Hawkins
VFX Producer: Martina Joison
Compositor: William Scowsill
VFX Executive Producer: Takeshi Takada
VFX Editor: Harry Gale
Additional VFX Supervisor: Genevieve Camilleri
2D Supervisor: Matt Chance
VFX Production Manager: Jayce Attewell
VFX Assistant: Clement Bouchet
Compositor: Mitchell Kehn
Production Coordinator: Eloise Miscamble
Senior Compositor: Phil Outen
VFX Editor: Ryan Phillips
VFX Production Coordinator: Carly J. Rosenberg
VFX Editor: Courtney Teixera
VFX Editor: Corey-Jay Walker
CG Artist: Adam Wong
Digital Compositor: Trent Adamczyk
VFX Artist: Ryan Maddox
Lighting Artist: Sheng-Ti Chen


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