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The AA - 'It's Okay'

Prime Video UK - The Rig


‘The Rig’ is a six-part supernatural thriller series on Prime Video, directed by John Strickland and created by David Macpherson. It follows a small crew of deep-sea oil drillers as they’re stalked by a deadly creature during a raging hurricane.

Absolute were tasked with crafting CG and 2D solutions across all six episodes, for a total of 190 shots. The team were responsible for the underwater shots including asset builds for the terrain, the ROV and the well head. Absolute also developed a foliage system for animatable seaweed and a library of assets that gave life and realism to underwater shots, as well as shots on the rig itself. Additional visual effects were required in the form of window and screen replacements, fog addition and a CG volumetric Skydome that worked with ‘Time of Day’ and ‘Time of Year’.


Visual Effects & CG: Absolute
Head Of CG: Rebekah King-Britton
Head of 2D: Phil Oldham
Lead CG Supervisor: Thomas L’Homme
Lead 2D Supervisor: Scott Simmonds
FX Supervisor: Risto Puukko
CG Supervisors: Keith Rogers, Patrick Keogh
Senior CG Artist: Dan Baiton
FX Artists: Craig Healy, Ameen Abbas, Frank Engen
Flame Artists: Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Owen Saward
Nuke Artists: Harvey David, Albena Ivanova, Lucas Warren, Andy Quinn
Junior CG Artists: Ollie Grant, Rasel Hussain
Junior Nuke Artist: Kristin Kaas-Lutsberg