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TV Series

All The Light We Cannot See

The Yard VFX

"All the Light We Cannot See" is a four-episode miniseries adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, directed by Shawn Levy. It tells the story of a blind French girl and a young German soldier, who are drawn together by an illegal radio broadcast during the turmoil of World War II. It chronicles the characters’ respective journeys from Paris and Berlin to Saint-Malo, where their paths intersect.

The Yard VFX worked on approximately 335 visual effects shots, transforming Villefranche-de-Rouergue in the south of France, where the series was shot, into a post-bombing 1945 Saint-Malo. The Yard seamlessly integrated CGI elements with live-action footage, creating seven distinct environments. Their work included digital crowds, day and night bombing scenes, detailed 3D models, and special effects such as fire, smoke, and dust.

Despite limited archival material, The Yard successfully recreated a historically accurate and visually compelling Saint-Malo by employing a tiered approach to shot execution, ensuring alignment with the creative vision while effectively managing budget constraints. Paint overs and concept creation were instrumental in refining key shots. A total of 212 assets spread over seven environments were meticulously crafted to achieve the desired complexity, ranging from debris to personalized props.

The teams at The Yard paid particular attention to some of these assets, which had to work under any lighting conditions—from night time illuminated by pockets of fire to plain day with the sun shining through smoke from the bombing aftermath.


Visual Effects Supervisor:
Harry Bardak

Visual Effects Producer :
Elisa Perez

VFX Executive Producer : Virginie Wintrebert

Studio Executives :
Laurens Ehrmann, Marie Afriat

Compositing Supervisors:
Julien Martins, Pierre Jury

Visual Effects Coordinators:
Elodie Povero, Julie Dijoux

Production Assistants:
Apolline Bruere Dawson, Lucas Coulmance, Mattéo Ehrmann

Head of 2D:
Denis Scolan

Heads of Departments:
Fabian Nowak, Gregory Ginsburger, Noemie Cauvin

Compositing Leads:
Camille Juge, François Masle, Simon Auquier

CG Lead:
Mathieu Trévisan

Asset Artists:
Antoine Gandon, Gabriel Martinez, Gabriel Mori

Rigging Lead:
Lea Georges

FX artists:
Alexandre Canivet, Jade Gachet, Kevann Boussac, Nicolas Daguin, Sebastien Tafani, Vianney Durieux, Victor Jonnet

Environment Artists:
Frédéric Perrin, Loïc Frimat, Sandro Bertchi, Simon Leprat, Victor Jarnoux

Lighting Artist:
William Trameaux

DMP Artists:
Aurelai Lebain, Bruno Serre, Chloé Berthier, Nicolas Parcelier

Compositing Artists:
Alexis Ripas, Alexis Scandolin, Antoine Goethals, Charles Zoller, Cyprien Huet, Jory Bertrand, Marie Barallon, Maxime Durr, Maxime Trichet, Mickaël Desnoyelles, Pierre Herzig, Romain Perrin, Romaric Vivier, Tiphaine Courbo, Tom Oheix

VFX Editors:
Adrien Jean-Robert, Constant Bourgon, Gianni Manno, Maden Roubert

VFX Trainee:
Vincent Vo

Development Team:
Brandon Castel, Guillaume Abramovici, Jeff Neglokpe, Julien Haudegond

Chief Technology Officer:
Alexis Oblet

Head of Finance:
Muriel Lorach

Talent Acquisition Manager:
Céline Pischetola


Maya, Houdini Nuke, Guerilla render