UTS Animal Logic Academy


During a lengthy space voyage to a distant galaxy, a solitary robot diligently tends to the human incubators, ensuring the survival of the settlers on the new planet. Watching the dreams of the hibernating humans makes the robot feel lonely. So, it assembles a new companion from spare parts. However, when complications arise, the robot faces a crucial decision: prioritise the preservation of human life or save its new friend.


Allyson Valencia / Angus Thomson / Benjamin Poate / Brandon Doray / Charlene Yeh / Chio Chi Chan / Christa Zhang / Dylan Giles / Erin McManus / Hallam Roberts / Hollie Secomb / Ildy Izso / Jack Goold / Jake Schatzman / Jason Lin / Jessica Hutchinson / Jira Udomsri / Judisak Meng / Leinton Prem / Leon Bronkhorst / Matt Castley / Max Ayre / Morgan Wallish / Nathan Le / Nina Gao / Olivia Gonzalez / Patrick French / Peter Tran / Philippe R Huibonhoa / Ruben Luzaic / Sam Reilly / Songzhou Bian / Shaun Tan / Tamsin Tunnock / Tegan Plahn / Tri Duc Nguyen / Yihong He / Yilang Shi / Yuxuan Li / Zhanghao Liu

Sam Reilly / Shirley Yao