Short Film

My Jumper, it Roars!

Flying Bark Productions


Ellie spends her life channelling her frustrations into the collar of her jumper, and one day it decides to fight back.
Once a rambunctious kid, life’s pressures have jaded Ellie and she has since grown into a shy woman treading gently and making little outstanding impressions on anyone or anything.

She’s had one constant throughout her life: a favourite jumper, a (now more faded) bold, orange relic worn since childhood. Her wallflower status is thrown into disarray when the pent up Jumper comes to life, sick of things left unsaid by Ellie.

Jumper’s frequent outbursts force Ellie to search inwards to confront her past, and a reality-distorting feud ensues for dominance between the two as her attempts to quell Jumper’s temper only causes it to grow… will Ellie find that life-loving, mischievous child within and finally speak up, or will she drown in Jumper’s woolly mess?


VFX Crew Animators
Animation Leads - Kurt Parton, Liem Nguyen
Animation Director - Xiang Tang
Animation Supervisor - Isabella Spagnolo
FX Lead - Alysha Chua
FX Animators - Claudio Pacciarella, Lorna Tan

Other Crew
Writer and Director - Isabella Spagnolo
Producers - Sofia Iffla, Grace Rein
Executive Producers - Barbara Stephen, Alexia Gates-Foale, Alexs Stadermann
Co-Producer - Francesca Hope
Art Director - Joshua Reh
Line Producers - Alexandra Justaud, Ashleigh Chow
Production Supervisor - Diana Luu
Production Coordinators - Ayon Bhakta, David Breen
Composers - Glenn Sarangapany, Ian Berney
Editor - Kasta Rassoulzadegan
Assistant Artists - Richard Chhoa, Li Cree, Ashe Jacobson, Tae Jun Jeung, Nora Li, Melanie Shin


Project Management - Shotgrid, Google Workspace
Animation - ToonBoom Storyboard Pro, ToonBoom Harmony, Adobe Photoshop
VFX - ToonBoom Harmony, Nuke
Lighting - Nuke
Compositing - Nuke
Editing - Final Cut Pro