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Gladiators 2024 - Launch Trailer



One of the most exciting and iconic sports entertainment gameshows in the world, Gladiators, is making a triumphant return to Australian screens.
Premiering in 2024, a new tribe of superhumans – the Gladiators – will wrestle, rumble, and battle brave Aussie Contenders from all walks of life, in the ultimate test of speed, strength, stamina, agility and power. The return of Gladiators promises not only to be a thrilling spectacle, but also family-friendly viewing that brings together audiences of all ages.


New Holland Creative:
VFX Supervisor: David Edwards
EP: Mark Millar
Creative Director: Brendan Savage/Luke Carvell
Producer: Malinda McGuire
Concept Artist: Simon Cowell
CG leads: Ryan Maddox/Luke Carvell
MGFX: Luke Carvell