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MultiVersus - Official Launch Trailer - Stars Collide, Pies Fly

Plastic Wax


Ready your pies, grab a sandwich, and sharpen your skills, cause it's almost time to jump back into the mayhem. Welcome back to MultiVersus, MVPs! MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter with an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters and legendary universes, various online modes, in-game events, on-going content-filled seasons, and more.



Nathan Maddams, Creative Director
Tyrone Maddams, Art Director
Alex Littler, Studio Production Manager
Linda Nguyen, Production Coordinator
Alejandro Garrido P, Production Coordinator
Susan Hillsley, Creative Assistant
Dean Wood, Head Of Assets
Shean Dignam, Asset Artist
Alexander Owen, Asset Artist
Anthony Lever, Asset Artist
Thomas Colla, Asset Artist
Benjamin Mickaiel, Asset Artist
Richard Dunn, Asset Artist
Daniel Jamgotchian, Asset Artist
Zarvan Kotwal, Head Of Rigging
Deborah Sutton, Rigger
Sarah Upfold, Rigger
Wes Adams, Head Of Animation
Mitchell Coote, Animator
Balazs Meszaros, Animator
Luke Sullivan, Animator
Cameron Ralph, Animator
Damien Paon, Animator
David Frodsham, Head of Fx
Sam Hilliard, Visual Fx Artist
Owen Gillman, Visual Fx Artist
Twinkle Taylor, Visual Fx Artist
Sydney Cheng, Visual Fx Artist
Dan Horsfall, Head of UE Lighting Artist
Timothy Cole, Lead Lighting Artist
Nicholas Bakon, Lighting Artist
Thomas Scior, Lighting Artist
Joshua Cole, Lighting Artist
Richard Pereira, Lighting Artist
Christopher Hammond, Lighting Artist
Dan Loui, Head Of Compositing
Nicholas Bulman, Compositor
Nicholas Ralph, Head of Editorial
Antony Yee, Editor
Peter Yong, Storyboard Artist
Daniel Garnier, Head of Pipeline
Thomas Claxton, Pipeline TD
Xanthe Shepphard, Pipeline TD
Mohit Batta, Pipeline TD
Mina Reyad, Pipeline TD
Thomas Provan, Pipeline TD
Russell Eastgate, Pipeline TD
Twinkle Taylor, Pipeline Coordinator / Wrangler
Werner Gradwell, Head of Mocap / Rigging TD
Eric Pontin, Mocap Technician / Rigger
Felix Crawshaw, Executive Producer
Cindy Corson-Airey, VP - Business
Roger Maddams, CEO
Terry Mickaiel, COO
Richard Liebmann, General Legal Counsel
Tom Mayfield, Lead Systems Administrator
Justin Counsell, Systems Administrator
Daniel Robinson, Systems Administrator
Phyu Phwe Aung, Accountant
Helen Zhou, People & Culture Specialist
Yasemin Jane Arslan, Public Relations Specialist



Unreal Engine 5