Feature Films VFX

The Kitchen

Axis Studios


Written by Daniel Kaluuya in his first screenwriting credit, and co-directed by Kaluuya with Kibwe Tavares, The Kitchen is a beautifully realised science fiction movie set in a dystopian near-future London, where gleaming new structures exist alongside a sprawling slum - the Kitchen of the title. Axis Studios played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. Joining the project in post-production, Axis’ VFX division delivered over 250 shots across several sequences set in this detailed and well-connected world.


Nick Drew: Executive Producer Albert Testani: Producer Simon Carr: Creative Supervisor Jeremy Berruel: CG Supervisor Gary Kelly: VFX Supervisor

Adam White, Alexandre Pavot, Beth Robson, Bharathi Anthonysamy, Collette Nunes, Danny Price, Dhanjee Maheshwari, Eleonor Lindvall, Ella Askew, Hamza Butt, James Sellers, Karthick Muthukumar, Kim Law, Lee Fisher, Marcello Buffa, Marco Curado, Mattia Munafo, Michal Golebiowski, Miles Bishop, Nerys Davies, Patxi Aguirre, Peter Phillips, Rhodri Jones, Ricardo Gambini, Sachin Tiwari, Shyam Nunna, Thomas Pastor, Vittamsetty Rao