Feature Films VFX




Led by Production VFX Supervisor Jason Billington and Animation Director Matt Everitt, 370 artists across MPC Adelaide, Bangalore and Mumbai delivered 720 shots for the movie.

To deliver Director Josh Greenbaum’s vision, MPC’s goal was to create a believable world where the boundaries between real and digital animals are indistinguishable. The film encompasses moments of subtle emotion, exhilarating full CG action sequences, and side-splitting comedic gags. The VFX work was a true collaboration between Josh Greenbaum and MPC’s artists.

One of the key elements of the movie was the exploration of the behavior of dogs and their imagined conversations. MPC’s team worked closely with the performances captured on set, to ensure that the dogs appeared to be engaged in realistic dialogue, as well as highlighting the distinctive personality of each dog. Simultaneously, showcasing the impeccable comedic timing and dialogues delivered by the film’s leading comedic talents, Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell.


VFX Supervisor Jason Billington
Animation Director Matt Everitt