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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - The "Drain" Sequence

The Yard VFX


Drain Sequence

The "Drain" sequence of "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" involved actors shot in a pool with blue screens and a flashlight. Initial visual development focused on the flashlight movements, water dynamics, and the inner walls of the drain. After extensive matchmove and rotoscopy work, the team first handled the layout of the inner walls before animating the light halo reflecting on them. Simultaneously, CG freshwater algae were added and animated according to the groundwater flow to bring life to the underwater environment. Lighting was meticulously crafted, considering the flashlight's beam, its movement, color, and reflections, as well as the subtle natural light from above, since the drain was located in a cave. Extensive FX work included designing an FX river and its flow, creating an underwater churning roll effect at the end of the tunnel drain, and adding white water with foam, splashes, and aeration bubbles caught inside the end stone gate. These elements were animated to produce a coherent flow at different water stream levels. Finally, bubbles were added around the two fighting characters to enhance the intensity of their movements in the swiftly flowing river. The final step was complex compositing to integrate all these elements seamlessly.


Senior Visual Effects Supervisor : Laurens ERHMANN

Visual Effects Supervisor: Julien MARTINS

Visual Effects Producer: Diego CORDIER-ROYER

Compositing Supervisor: Arnaud ORTMANN

Visual Effects Production Coordinator: Gladys GEORGES

Head Of VFX: Harry BARDAK

Head Of Production: Virginie WINTREBERT

Head Of Assets: Gregory GINSBURGER

Head Of FX : Fabian NOWAK

Head Of DMP: Noemie CAUVIN

Visual Effects Editor : Maden ROUBERT

Visual Effects Production Assistant : Lucas COULMANCE

Chief Technology Officer: Alexis OBLET

Chief Operating Officer: Marie AFRIAT

Compositing Artists: Tiphaine COURBO, Stephan DUMOULIN, Pierre HERZIG, Lancelot MAESTRINI, Romain PERRIN, Mathieu RICHET

DMP Artists: Aurelia LEBAIN, Bruno SERRE

CG Artists: Sandro BERTCHI, Antoine GANDON, Victor JARNOUX, Pierre JURY, Ryoma LENEUF, Gabriel MARTINEZ, Mathieu TREVISAN

FX Artists: Hadrien PALANCA, Vianney DURIEUX

Production & Technical Support: Constant BOURGON, Julien HAUDEGOND, Jeff NEGLOKPE



Maya, ZBrush, Substance Designer, Unreal Engine, Fusion