Event Openers

Five Luxe Dubai hotel opening

Blind Pig


A 40-foot screen in the party capital of the Middle East, an ambitious client with an eye for playful design, and a team of hungry Pigs ready to do what they do best - we could not be prouder of this spot we delivered for the hospitality group FIVE’s latest outpost in Dubai.

Working closely with production partners Unit 9 and a band of incredible freelancers, we faced the challenge of putting together these 4 films in just under a month head on, and the result is mind-blowing.

Right from the pitch, we knew this was a special project. The brief was to craft a series of cohesive films celebrating the offerings of staying with FIVE in a completely fantastical reality. The only limitations were that of our imaginations, and we had an absolute blast coming up with off-the-wall sequences that would reflect concepts such as music and nightlife, food and drink, and fashion to name a few.

Working collaboratively each step of the way, we were able to fuse these 30-second films with an incredible sense of personality and fun, not to mention perhaps the wackiest hairstyle ever to grace the super-big screen. Once our designs were locked, we used our entire arsenal of Cinema 4D, After Effects, Houdini and Maya to bring these animations to life.


Animation - Blind Pig
Creative Director - Ric Comline
Tech / 3D Lead - Sean Cooper
Head of CG - Rebekah King-Britton
Concept Artist - Christine Peters, Robert Moreno, William Smith
Design & Animation - Sean Cooper, Neil Szymanski, Aaron Amor, Dom Lukosius, Sam Singleton, Nelson de Sousa, Lucia Quesada, Kingsley Harris.
Executive Producer - Thierry Levy
Senior Producer - Ana Hoxha
Production Assistant - Susie Joseph