Commercials - VFX

Money Trees

Heckler Singapore


Opening on a disturbing scene of bankers destroying a rainforest with their chainsaws, the visuals then flip to the rainforest and a boardroom scene being engulfed in a frenzy of embers and flames.

MoneyTrees aims to expose the absurdity of how unregulated banks pour billions in investment into the big corporations that are destroying our planet’s natural habitats.

Given the time frame for the project, we decided not to simulate any fires in 3D and instead used 2D fire elements and combined them with some 3D tree elements and smoke simulations. A thorough amount of compositing work then helped us achieve the fire scenes seen in the film.


Visual Effects Company: Heckler Singapore
Visual Effects Supervisor: Cody Amos
Executive Producer: Charu Menon
3D Artists: Sen Ree Ooi & Sam Schwier
Compositors: Cody Amos, Davor Zec, Johnson Lim & Abi Santos


Houdini & Nuke