Commercials - Animation

Trust Journey

The Mill Paris


It can be difficult to gain confidence in oneself and even more so in one’s colleagues. As the subject of confidence is broached, the protagonist takes off into an enchanted cubic world and manages to find enough strength to throw herself into the void. Directed by Seb Edwards, produced by Academy Films and Wanda thru agency Publicis Conseil, the spot features UK dancer/actor Chiara Corbetta underscored by Lee Hazlewood’s 1966 ballad “Your Sweet Love”.Our VFX Team carried out a great deal of graphic research to come up with a style that suited the director and all the parties involved. This project perfectly illustrates the talent of our team in translating the client’s needs into images, despite the complexity of creating a cubic yet photo-realistic environment.


VFX Studio : The Mill Paris
Executive Producer: Cécile Hubin, Cédric Négrel
VFX Producer: Nicolas Huguet , Grégory Tournier
VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Pivron
CG Supervisor: Guillaume Dadaglio, Mathias Barday
Previz: Alexandre Sauthier, Joelia Rose, Guillaume Poueymarie
Concept: Nathan Lucas, Olivier Puechberty
Rigging: Marine Sisnaki, Alexandre Sauthier, Claire Auvin
Animation: Alban Lelievre, Joellia Rose
FX: Benjamin Lenfant, Felix Guglielmi
Lighting: Mathias Barday
Compositing: Randy Gudin, Eric Lemains
Flame: Stephane Pivron, Sebastien Aubert, Damien Canaméras, Valentin Gingembre, Sébastien Kremer
After: Etienne Lunet, Manon Baillet, Giovana Koua, Caroline Mistral, Agathe Sayegh, Cyril Hiard, Davide Mendes, Olivier Jarry, Anais Scheek, Jeremy Chicheportiche, Maxime Cordier, Frank Maillet, Barnabé Cantin
Matte Painting: Olivier Puechberty, Benjamin Bardou, Bastien Halter
Generalists: Victoria Leger, Benjamin Gachot, Alexandre Corcoy, François-Xavier Gonnet, Gowri Sankar Velusamy, Laura Pham Van Cang
Colour Assistant: Loïc Lavaux
Planning: Sophie Mailho, Magali Luthringer, Annabel Akerboom
VFX Coordinators: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon, Milan Vicet
Colourist: Jean Clément Soret (Company 3)

CLIENT Puig Group
Creative Director: Françoise Jacquey
AD: Céline Moeur

Director :François Rousselet
Production : Division
DOP: Hoyte Van Hoytema
Editor: Adriana Legay, Pietro Di Zanno