Commercials - Animation

OOHA - Clash of Flavours

Golden Wolf


OOOHHAAA! The visceral feeling that takes over your senses when you taste the surprisingly wonderful flavours of OOHA…

It’s not every day you get to watch an owl riding a horse… see lemons engrossed in a heated tennis match… or witness a giant can brandishing lasers to terrorise a city… But how else could you describe the clashing of two bold and distinct flavours within every can of OOHA? Well, exactly like that!

We joined forces with Stink Films and Ogilvy to help launch Coca-Cola’s new drink OOHA, creating a series of social-first short-form films that embody what it’s like to drink OOHA for the first time. Each film is an audio-visual, mixed-media spectacle designed to evoke that signature feeling, making everyone exclaim (you guessed it...) OOHA!