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Fetch TV Purgatory



We were engaged by Today The Brave to bring a very art installation concept to life for a Fetch brand campaign. Fetch is a service that brings all your streaming content together under one roof, helping to make sense of all the streaming channels and manage all your content in one easy place.

The TV tower and its desolate setting represented the concept of TV purgatory, a humorous metaphor aimed at addressing the peculiar challenge of over-choice in today's TV streaming experience. We were charged with creating the desolate limbo world where indecision leads to a void filled with disoriented options.

We created a series of different weather looks and atmospheres to allow the idea to be used across other aspects of the campaign. The CG elements were also used for a suite of stills for Fetch’s broader print and outdoor campaign.

We conceived and designed the landscape setting as well as the giant tower of screens. The scene was also designed with lost and forgotten pieces of furniture and lonely dust devils to enhance the arid emptiness.

Our final TV tower was formed of over 1000 screens, all of which were populated with varying genres of TV and film content.



Directed by Andrew van der Westhuyzen
Animation by Collider Studio


Cinema 4D