Commercials - Animation

Duracell - Bunny Saves Christmas

The Mill Paris (Mikros Image SAS)


Crafted by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Geoffroy Barbet Massin through Mill+ Paris, this charming animated Duracell advertisement features the iconic Bunny mascot saving Santa from a Christmas power outage.

Titled "Bunny Saves Christmas," the narrative unfolds with Santa's sleigh soaring above a snowy forest. When the reindeer's nose light fails, the Duracell Bunny comes to the rescue by replacing the batteries with Duracell Optimum ones, restoring light and saving Christmas. This campaign marks Duracell's return to festive advertising after five years, with The Mill Paris ensuring the Bunny's consistent visual identity across various media platforms. The campaign has gained significant traction with over 1 million views on YouTube


Agency : Wunderman Thompson
Director : Geoffroy BARBET-MASSIN
Production : Mill+ Paris
Executive Producer : Hugues Allart
Behind The Scene – Music : Headkeyz “Run, Run, Run” (The Cage & The Crown – Chapter 1)