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Coopers Big Ale



In crafting of 'Coopers Big Ale', our foremost aim is to strike a balance between jubilation and authenticity. While we revel in the magnificence of the Big Ale, the real stars are the towns and their inhabitants, each pulsating with stories, quirks, and an unyielding spirit.
The tone of the film is buoyant and light-hearted. This isn't a dry docudrama, nor a comedic caper; it’s a celebration. The joy is genuine, the humour organic. It springs from the authentic reactions of locals as they interact with their ‘Big Ale.’ There's warmth in every frame, a soft chuckle that resonates with shared memories and experiences.

The charm often lies in the details. Our camera captures the minutiae of everyday life: the worn-out signboard of a local pub, The old man in the town square, a dog lazily chasing its tail near the Big Ale. These seemingly mundane moments, when juxtaposed against the spectacle of the Big Ale, create a sense of wonder and magic.

The film remains grounded, even as it celebrates the extraordinary.

The film's humour isn't forced; it springs naturally from the situations and characters. There’s the light-hearted banter of townsfolk as they discuss the best angle to view the Big Ale, or a local band attempting to serenade the can. The laughs are gentle, derived from recognition and shared experiences, never at someone's expense.

'Coopers Big Ale' isn't just a film about a towering virtual beer can; it's a love letter to Australia's local towns and their vibrant communities. Through joy, subtle humour, and genuine moments, we aim to create a cinematic experience that's as refreshing as a cold brew on a warm day, and as comforting as a familiar local tale whispered under a starlit sky.


Augmented Reality Experience & Live Action Production: T&DA (Technology & Design Agency)
Executive Director: Tyrone Estephan
Producer: Caroline MacLeod
Creative Director: Ray Leung
Technical Artist: Sean Simon
Creative Technologist: Rhys Turner
Post Production: Alt.VFX
Director: Colin Renshaw


Grading: DaVinci Resolve, Flame comp