Commercials - Animation

Candy Crush - 'Whoosh, Spin, Float'

Blind Pig


This was a total VFX pandemonium using animated CG assets to build 3 Candy Crush environments for the protagonists to exist within. Each of the actors in this three-part campaign interact with these CG assets, emphasising the light-hearted, childlike fun associated with the game.

In 'Whoosh', a holidayer gets sprung up high into a gorgeous pink sky by a tower of whooshing candies.

In 'Spin', the treats fall from the ceiling, resulting in a path of destruction for some.

In 'Float', a lady's bedroom turns into a sea of candy, as she sails into her Candy Crush dream.

Absolute developed the CG assets, finessing the textures, working on the explosions of the candies, before compositing them into the live action shots and ensuring the lighting and overall aesthetic worked in tandem. We also ensured the colour grade and sound design elevated the playful nature further. This one had it all - fun, challenge, and a deliciously good outcome.


VFX & CG: Absolute
VFX supervisor/2D Lead/VFX CD: Harvey David
VFX Supervisor/CG Lead: Tony Atherton
2D Lead: Phillip Oldham
2D artists: Chris Tobin, Jonas McQuiggin, Gustavo Ribeiro, Becanti Wijnbergh, Nick D’Aguiar, Gabriel Sitjas, Tommy Coulter-Liston, Ben Phillips
Lead CG artist: Patrick Keogh
CG artists: Keith Rogers, Rebekah King-Britton, Heidi Prescott, Lucia Jimenez Quesada, Megan McLean, Rasel (Musharaf Hussain), Sean Elliott, Darja Sidorova, Camila Valencia, Oliver Grant, Fernando Benítez