The winners in each category  Gold - Silver - Bronze have been announced at the AEAF Awards Screening on 28 September

The AEAF Awards Finalists and Winners have been announced in all categories. The work is beautiful. Please see the full listing below, and go to the View Entries page on the AEAF website to watch individual projects. We have posted as many projects as we have permission to share.

All teams and artists who entered the Awards this year should feel proud of their work. Your entries keep AEAF Awards going and growing and are appreciated tremendously. As the years have gone by, the increase in the number and quality of projects submitted has been exciting. Please enjoy the huge variety, talent and skill on display here.

The range of techniques available to artists now is one of the most impressive trends you will find among the entries. Most of the earlier techniques don’t disappear but are expanded on, improved on and used to contribute to the next development – motion capture and keyframing; simulated and procedural effects; rear projection, 3D matte painting and LED screens; from green screen keying and 2D/3D compositing in post to in-camera VFX. We see all of these techniques continue to develop and contribute to one another, and they make the AEAF Awards a thrill to watch as they unfold every year.However, it’s still never easy to narrow the field towards the ultimate winners. Having so many top notch entries just makes the process harder.

Watch all the Finalists and Winners in each category on the AEAF Awards 2022 Screening Reel below

GOLD - SILVER - Bronze - Special Merit Winners and all Finalist in 17 Categories

Halo mpc 1


TV Series has now become the top long form category at AEAF Awards. Not only have there been more entries than in the feature film categories, but the work has become equally diverse, detailed and demanding. This has been one of the most vibrant categories in AEAF Awards for some years, owing both to the rise of OTT channels and also to the willingness of showrunners to take advantage of VFX and animation to tell stories in new ways. The entries have been evolving rapidly from year to year, showing the creativity and skill of VFX teams around the world.

TV Series

The Witcher Season 2 - Cinesite - SILVER
The Witcher Season 2 - RodeoFX
Cowboy Bebop - Rising Sun Pictures - BRONZE
Foundation - Outpost VFX - SPECIAL MERIT
Foundation - RodeoFX
The Umbrella Academy, Season 3 - Wētā FX - SPECIAL MERIT
Prehistoric Planet - MPC - SPECIAL MERIT
Raising Dion Season 2 - FuseFX - SPECIAL MERIT
War of The Worlds Season 2 - Vine FX
A Discovery of Witches Season 3 - REALTIME
Raised By Wolves - MPC
HALO - Rodeo FX
What If...? - Flying Bark Productions
The Orville: New Horizons - FuseFX
The Morning Show - FuseFX
The Wheel of Time - MPC
Around the World in 80 Days - MPC
Vikings: Valhalla - MPC
Peacemaker - Wētā FX

The Feature Film and Feature Film Sequence categories this year are inspiration for the whole industry. Digital humans, heroes, science fiction and fantasy all meet here to make stories and characters come to life for audiences. The VFX and animation teams who work with today’s filmmakers are not only skilled and working to very high standards, but are also extremely creative, visualising stories in ways that make productions stand out. Note: Not all of the entries can be shown online, but appear on the showreel – so don’t miss it.

DNEG dune3

GOLD Feature Film - DUNE Part 1 - DNEG

Feature Film VFX

Dune Part 1 - DNEG - GOLD
The Batman - Wētā FX - SILVER
Jungle Cruise - Rising Sun Pictures  - BRONZE
Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings - Rising Sun Pictures
Those Who Wish Me Dead - Rodeo FX
Jungle Cruise - RodeoFX
Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings - RodeoFX
The Tomorrow War - Method Studios

Shanghai Fin

GOLD Feature Film Sequence - Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings - TaLo Map Sequence - Fin Design + Effects

Feature Film Sequence

Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings - TaLo Map Sequence - Fin Design + Effects - GOLD
Bringing Back Dr. Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters: Afterlife - MPC Film - SILVER
Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings - Method Studios - BRONZE
Ear for Eye - Animated Sequence - Glassworks


GOLD Commercials VFX - Lexus - Parking Spot - Framestore

Commercials VFX and Commercials Animation are the biggest, most diverse categories in the Awards, ranging from neat expressive motion graphics to 2D or 3D animated stories, to live action short films for brands with complex visual effects. Sometimes, new filmmaking techniques can even emerge here first, in short form projects like these.

Commercials VFX

 Proudly sponsored by

Lexus - Parking Spot - Framestore - GOLD
Barilla Al Bronzo - Pasta is Born Again - Glassworks - SILVER
Sky - The Watch - Blockhead VFX  - BRONZE
Samsung - Playtime is Over - The Mill Paris - SPECIAL MERIT
Prada - Luna Rossa Ocean - The Mill Paris
Toyota - Never Stop - Framestore - SPECIAL MERIT
Lidl - Always - Absolute - SPECIAL MERIT
Toyota - Upstream - Framestore - SPECIAL MERIT
UN Development Programme - Don't Choose Extinction - Framestore - SPECIAL MERIT
Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge - Dans Digital
Telstra - Wifi You Can See - Heckler
Hellfest - Program Announcement 2021 - Rodeo FX
Ministry of Health and Social Services - Sideway - Rodeo FX
Tomorrow's Car - Fin Design + Effects
SHISEIDO - Chinese New Year - Juice
Peraton - Brand 2021 - VANDAL
GIO - Follow Me - Heckler
Mercedes Benz ROTF - Heckler
Subaru All-New BRZ - Heckler
Michael Hill – Bridal - RUCKUS Studio
Eboo - Ebookers - Freefolk
Bringing Great Value to The Table - Freefolk
SK-II - Broadcast Your Beauty - Unlisted
Cupra - Seven Seconds - Glassworks
Fantastic Voyage - Adobe - Alt.VFX

Chinese new year unlisted

GOLD Commercials Animation  - Tomorrow's Car - Fin Design + Effects

Commercials Animation

Tomorrow's Car - Fin Design + Effects - GOLD
Visit Qatar - Experience the World Beyond - The Mill Paris - SILVER
Westfield Wherever - Alt.VFX - BRONZE
Sealy Posturepedic - Alt.VFX - SPECIAL MERIT
Chinese New Year - Real Magic - Unlisted - SPECIAL MERIT
Biocoop - 35 Ans - Passion Paris
Holiday Swagger - Passion Paris
Xmas - The Perfect Christmas Ad - Passion Paris
Curve - Brand film - MISTER
Alzheimer’s Research UK - The Smartest Thing - Blind Pig
Rosemary Feels Better - Cirkus
New Luohu - Dans Digital
Sportsbet 2021 - Cadre Pictures
Select Sector SPDRs - 2022 Campaign - PlusOne
Growin' to the Moon - SelfWealth - Mighty Nice
Here for the Heavy Stuff - Insuranceline - Mighty Nice
Tiktok Effect House - Golden Wolf
MU12 Homeground - Golden Wolf
Keep Cup - Jumbla
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt - Magic: The Gathering - Axis Studios
Hyne Beam 15 - RUCKUS Studio


GOLD LIve Event - Mutation - INSIDE Shanghai - Danny Rose Studio 

The Live Event Installations and Projections category attracts projects that prove that being there still counts. These productions are immersive and engaging, created on a grand scale. Resolution, image quality, animation and compositing combine to transform environments to places where viewers become participants.

Live Event Installations & Projections

Mutation - INSIDE Shanghai - Danny Rose Studio - GOLD
For Sydney with Love - Customs House Vivid Sydney 2022 - Spinifex Group - SILVER
The Night Before Christmas - Brisbane City Hall Lights 2021 - The Electric Canvas - BRONZE
Ninget Universe - ASN Clocktower Vivid Sydney 2022 - Spinifex Group
Fed Square - Seagull TV- Spatial Sauce
Sydney NYE 2022 - Pylons Projections - VANDAL
Macula - H0rse
Tall Poppy 3D Billboard - Bourke Street - Heckler
Triceratops Exhibition - Melbourne Museum- Jumbla
Audi Immersive Experience - Glassworks
Spirit of Japan - INSIDE ShanghaI - Danny Rose Studio
Amazon Web Services Innovation Day - Reinvent - Imagination


GOLD Music Video -  Free Fire - To The Max - Passion Paris

These Music Videos visualise audio projects, catching eyes as well as ears for the musicians. The results, like the entries AEAF received below, can be unexpected, and take you on a journey that brings you closer to the performers.

Music Video

Free Fire - To The Max - Passion Paris - GOLD
Kanye West - Heaven and Hell - Music Video - The Mill Paris - SILVER
Soar: A Flame Reborn - Axis Studios - BRONZE
S+C+A+R+R - Never Give Up - Passion Paris - SPECIAL MERIT
Kanye West - Life of the party - Music Video - The Mill Paris
Tones and I - Cloudy Day - Heckler
Mali Magic  - A Musical Journey - Passion Paris
SEVDALIZA - Everything is Everything - Juice


GOLD Game Trailers - Innistrad: Midnight Hunt – Magic: The Gathering - Axis Studios

Game Trailers

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt - Magic: The Gathering - Axis Studios - GOLD
Chicharrón - Chicken Run - Far Cry 6 - Important Looking Pirates - SILVER
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - Bond / REALTIME / Mathematic - BRONZE
We Will Be Monsters - Plastic Wax - SPECIAL MERIT
PUBG x Koenigsegg - Jumbla - SPECIAL MERIT
Forts of the Forgotten: A Sea of Thieves Adventure - REALTIME
Rogue Legacy 2 - Half Giant
League of Legends - European Championship - Passion Paris
The Last Stand - Aftermath - Jumbla
Free Fire - To The Max - Passion Paris


GOLD Short Film  - Lifeblood - Ample Projects

The intensity of the Short Film format makes this category exciting. Telling dramatic stories in a limited time is the perfect challenge for VFX and animation artists, who use their skills to communicate what can’t be expressed in dialogue alone, as demonstrated in the finalist projects here.

Short Film

Lifeblood - Ample Projects - GOLD
Happy Easter - Platige Image - SILVER
Object of Life - Jack Parry Animation Studios - BRONZE
Apart - UTS Animal Logic Academy - SPECIAL MERIT
THE OGRE - Zeilt Productions
Taxi in Time - Gianluca Fratellini
Bright - Zeilt Productions
Unesco - Cookie factory - The Mill Paris
About Dam and Hofit - Gali Blay


GOLD TV Series Children - Welcome to Earth - Zeilt Productions

TV Series - Children

Welcome to Earth - Zeilt Productions - GOLD
Battle Kitty - Plastic Wax - SILVER
The Deep Series 4 - The Hole Truth - A Stark Production - BRONZE
Space Nova - SLR Productions
The Strange Chores - Ludo Studio and Media World Pictures
Windy Day - Stretchy
Ginger and the Vegesaurs - Cheeky Little Media
FriendZSpace - Flying Bark Productions


GOLD Titles and Openers - Piratas en Baleares - Glassworks

Titles and Openers

Piratas en Baleares - Glassworks - GOLD
BritBox - Blind Pig - SILVER
La Brea - New Holland Creative - BRONZE
We Baby Bears - Golden Wolf
LEGO Masters Australia - Brickmass Special 2021 - MISTER
Mirror Mirror - Never Sit Still
Weeks of War - WildBear Entertainmant


GOLD Web/Viral - Sealy Crown Jewel - MISTER

Web / Viral

Sealy Crown Jewel - MISTER - GOLD
Razom Ukraine - Feel What We Feel - Rodeo FX - SILVER
Destiny 2 - Heroes Welcome Campaign - Jumbla - BRONZE
Meow Wolf - Convergence Station - Absolute
Adobe After Effects 2022 - Never Sit Still
Culture Amp - Never Sit Still
Rode NTH-100 - The Funktion
Archie Rose Distilling Co. - Tailored For You, By You - The Funktion
Alterna - Brand film - MISTER
Schwarzkopf - Brand film - MISTER


GOLD Idents - NITV - Channel Rebrand - VANDAL


NITV - Channel Rebrand - VANDAL - GOLD
Shaype - Never Sit Still - SILVER
68th Sydney Film Festival 2021 - Mighty Nice x The Funktion - BRONZE
Murrook Idents - Never Sit Still


GOLD Education and Training - Caught in Motion - WildBear Entertainment

Education and Training

Caught in Motion - WildBear Entertainment - GOLD
SAE - Motionlab - SILVER
Status of Coral Reefs of the World Report - Redboat - BRONZE
Light Pollution Series - Redboat Animation
Stockland - Sketch Your Own Comics - VANDAL
ONRSR - Risk of SPADS - Missing Bits Productions
Atlassian - Customer Support Services - Motionlab
Kids Helpline - Motionlab
NSW Smart Places - Motionlab

STHBNK immersive Collider

GOLD Corporate Video - Sth Bnk by Beulah - Collider

Corporate Video

Sth Bnk by Beulah - Collider - GOLD
Juice for Polish Institute in Tokyo - Juice - SILVER
Citymark Centre - Dans Digital - BRONZE
Oculus - Never Sit Still
Coinbase - Never Sit Still
Black Ice On Running - Heckler
GSK Advanced Tech - Jumbla
Fibre Trace - Jumbla

Cowboy bebop rsp

GOLD Augmented Reality - Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway - Glassworks

Augmented Reality

Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway - Glassworks - GOLD
Samsung-The Unclosable Store - VANDAL - SILVER
Adelaide Christmas Cracker Trail - Monkeystack - BRONZE
Pepsi Max Summer AR - Unbound & The Live Agency


GOLD Student - Genethic - Cristian Casas Castillo - La Salle Barcelona (Universitat Ramon Llull)


Genethic - Cristian Casas Castillo - La Salle Barcelona (Universitat Ramon Llull) - GOLD
HUIN - Martin Hornak - Academy of Information Technology (AIT) - SILVER
D.R.E.W - Brian Nguyen - TAFE NSW - BRONZE

Jeff and Henry - Nathan Myihtoi - Academy of Information Technology (AIT)
Palms and Punches - Talish McKenzie - Academy of Information Technology (AIT)
Bunny Bug - Rosa Pallone - Academy of Information Technology (AIT)
Sea of Freedom - UTS Animal Logic Academy