AEAF Finalists & Winners 1996 - 2013

AEAF Finalists & Winners 2013

Commercials VFX
GOLD Cartier Odyssey - QUAD Productions
SILVER Qualcomm Snapdragon Coming Soon – Framestore
BRONZE Foxtel Olympics 2012 Seeing Is Believing - Alt.vfx

Inhorgenta - Collider
Govt of South Australia 'Skills for All' - Resin
Verizon 'Pillars' - Blind Visual Propaganda    
Johnny Walker 'Where Flavour Is King' - Alt.vfx
Suntory Pepsi Dinosaur Campaign (Brand, Nex and Tokuho) - Alt.vfx
Grand Designs Australia 3 - FSM
Animals Australia - FSM
Corporate Race - MFX Malaysia
Dell 'Thomas' - MPC
Falken Tire 'Racetrack to the Street' - Rotor Studios
Toyota Yaris 'Rome' - Rotor Studios
Kia 'Space Babies' - Method Studios
First Direct 'Platypus' - MPC
Nike 'Game On' - MPC
Suburu XV - Cutting Edge
Captain Morgan - Framestore
Nissan Altima - Framestore
Bredbandsbolaget 'Pixels' - Important Looking Pirates
Galaxy 'Chauffeur' - Framestore
Samsung - MPC
Mandiri - Mirage VFX
Bundaberg Sparkling Selection 'Sparkle' - Cutting Edge

Commercials Animation
GOLD DirecTV Troll - Method Studios
SILVER Three The Pony – MPC
BRONZE La Poste - Digital District

Lego Marvel superheroes - Plastic Wax Animation
Ziploc 'Origami' - Blind Visual Propaganda
Act For Peace 2012 - Taste Media
La Poste - Digital District
QBE Car Insurance - pictureDRIFT
People's Choice Credit Union 'Choice' - Resin
Abbott's Village Bakery 'Free Range' - Alt.vfx
Coco Pops 'Marco Polo' - FSM
DJARUM Indonesia Open - MFX Malaysia
Dencorub TVC - The Magnificent Itch
Huawei Ascend P2 - Rotor Studios
Melabourne Zoo - 'I, Animal' - Visual Playground
Deezer Liberates Music - QUAD Productions
Australian Museum - 'Tyrannosaurs' - Hive Studios
Mortein Professional 'Locked Out' - Cutting Edge
FOMO - Hackett Films
Maritime Museum - Hackett Films
Vigorsol 'Captain Ice' - MPC
Adlabs Imagica Theme Park - Mirar i& Co.
Welcome to the Sunnier Side - Liquid Animation

Titles - Openers TV
GOLD Redfern Now Titles - The Solid State
SILVER 2013 NRL - Plastic Wax
BRONZE Fox Footy Match Day Opener 2013 - ZSPACE

Randling - ZSPACE
Channel 9 Olympic Opener - ZSPACE
Helpman Awards - ZSPACE
AMP Amplify Festival Opener - Digital Pulse
Joy of Sets - Hackett Studios
Pet Superstars - Hackett Studios
Tractor Monkeys - Hackett Studio
ARIA Award Titles - Cutting Edge
Brisbane International Film Festival Promo 2012 - Cutting Edge
Tropfest Graphics Opener 2013 - Cutting Edge
Watson and Oliver titles - Broken Antler

Titles - Openers TV
GOLD 'Skyfall' Titles - Framestore

Education & Infographics   
GOLD Mazda Infographic - Visual Playground
SILVER The Opera House Project In 3D Section - ABC
BRONZE HPES eLearning Website - Lucid Edge

Novartis 2013 - Taste Media
Aircalin InFlight Safety Video - Digital Pulse
Bureau of Meteorology 'The Greenhouse Effect' -The Explainers
Healing Foundation - Cutting Edge
NRMA 'The Normal Family' - Digital Pulse
Square Kilometre Array - Eye Candy Animation
NBN 3YR Infographic - The Explainers
Sesame Street 'Incarceration' - XYZ Studios
Talent International – Transit Lounge - Digital Pulse

Game Cinematics
GOLD Epic Mickey Outro - Plastic Wax Animation
SILVER Legendary Heroes Cinematics – Akitipe Studios
BRONZE Book of Spells - Blind Visual Propaganda

Neverwinter Part 3 - Plastic Wax Animation
'Beyond: Two Souls' Tribeca Trailer - Quantic Dream

TV Series
GOLD The Adventures of Figaro Pho - Chocolate Liberation Front
SILVER Ripper Street - Screen Scene
BRONZE Spartacus: War of the Damned - Cause+FX

McLaren 'Tooned' Episode 12 - Framestore
The Dukes of Broxstonia - 'Robobarj' and 'Larj in Love' - Sticky Pictures
Dirty Business - How Mining Made Australia - Visual Playground
Monsters in the Outback - Eye Candy Animation

Idents & Stings
GOLD SBS Fresh History - Method Studios
SILVER MTV Summer Ident - Mirari&Co
BRONZE ABC 3 Dragon - Hackett Studios

ABC2 'Hummingbird' - pictureDRIFT
Fox Footy - ZSPACE
Fox Footy - FSM
Lifestyle Food Idents - FSM
4seven - MPC
Discovery Kids Channel Idents- The DMC Initiative
Fox Classics - The DMC Initiative

Short Film
GOLD AEON - The DMC Initiative
SILVER The Rose of Turaida – Nezui
BRONZE Monday - The Magnificent Itch

850 Meters - Thuristar
Power the Kid - Andravida Media

GOLD Gathering Dusk - Amy Brutton
SILVER BE 42 - Jiri Hanzlicek
BRONZE Obeah - Pauline Brilliana Appiah

The Mating Game - Benjamin Pettit
Tillie Le Livres Des Morts - Alain Escalle

Music Videos
GOLD The Vein Magma - Dvein
SILVER Deadmau5 Professional Griefers - Method Studios
BRONZE Wax Taylor Time To Go - Oh Yeah Wow

Starflight 'Phasers On Stun' - Daniel James Cox
Club Foot 'Everything You Wanted' - Oh Yeah Wow
Giggle andHoot 'Hoot! Hoot! It's a Lovely Day' - ZSPACE
Olly Murs 'Army' - Framestore

Feature Film VFX
GOLD The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Weta Digital
SILVER World War Z - MPC
BRONZE The Great Gatsby - Animal Logic

Goddess - FSM
Life of Pi - MPC
Cloud Atlas - Method Studios
Iron Man 3 - Framestore
Iron Man 3 - Weta Digital
World War Z - Cinesite Visual Effects


AEAF Finalists & Winners 2012

Feature Films VFX 
Prometheus – MPC – Gold
The Avengers – Weta Digital - Silver
John Carter of Mars - Cinesite - Bronze

Wrath of the Titans - Framestore
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Framestore
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - Iloura
Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence - Iloura
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - MPC
Wrath of the Titans - MPC
Prometheus - MPC
Immortals - Tippett Studios
Hemingway and Gellhorn - Tippett Studios
Prometheus - Weta Digital

Feature Films - Animation
The Adventures of Tintin - Weta Digital WINNER

Wrath of the Titans - Method Studios
Mirror Mirror - Tippett Studios

Commercials Animation
Kia - Share Some Soul - Method Studios WINNER

Coca Cola Spirit of the Euro - Bent Image
Sunny Eggs Queensland - Cutting Edge
Specsavers 'Koala'- Framestore
Andrex 'Hakle' - Framestore
Arla Farm - Framestore
Allianz - FSM
Digicel Pacific - Hackett Films
Mobile Muster The Promise- Heckler 
Street Jam - MFX
Nintendo Fossil Fighters - MPC
Nationwide Carousel- MPC
Tiny Teddy and Spotty Dog - pictureDRIFT
Darksiders 2 TVC - Plastic Wax Animation
Adelaide Festival 2012 - Resin
Toyota Kluger My Family- Resolution Design
Samsung Music Hub - Resolution Design
Bulleit Bourbon Its a Long Story - Resolution Design
LC200 Virtual Tour - Rotor Studios
The Re-imagined 2012 Toyota Avalon - Rotor Studios
Vantage - Studio AKA
MotherBird - The Mill NY
Mazda, Rush Hour - Visual Playground

Commercials VFX
Nocturnal Migration - Altvfx WINNER

Myer - Cutting Edge
Smirnoff - Cutting Edge
Pyrex - Cutting Edge 
Pepsi 'Crowd Surfing' - Framestore
Axe 'The Chain' - Framestore
Cadbury's Bubbly 'Joyville' - Framestore
Weight Watchers - FSM
GLM for Lee - Heckler
Brother Printers That Sprint - Heckler
Yamaha Magic - Liquid Animation
Chevy - 2012 Silverado - Method Studios
Verizon - Arena - Method Studios
Yamaha Alien - Method Studios 
Avios Anything can Fly - MPC
Playstation The World is in Play - MPC
Direct TV - MPC
Channel 4, Street Summer - MPC
Thoroughbred Racing SA 'The Races' - Resin
5 seeds - Robotfx
Falken Azenis, Track to the street - Rotor Studios
Rock Giant - The Mill NY
NRMA - zspace
Starhub TVC - zspace

Education & Training
NBN Explained - sixty40 WINNER

Qantas Carbon Offset - Digital Pulse
Ausgrid Electric Car - Digital Pulse
Queensland Transport Roadtrip - Matt Dye Animation

Flash Animation
Live and Love Film Festival 2011 -  Taste Media WINNER

Dogstar Episode 49 Titanium Chef - Media World Pictures
Super Munch Time - Smart & Sheard Productions

Game Cinematics
Civilization 5 Gods and Kings - Plastic Wax Animation WINNER

Table Top Tanks - MI
NASCAR Drive For the Cover - MI
Neverwinter - Plastic Wax Animation
Darksiders 2 Sermon - Plastic Wax Animation
THE WITCHER 2 Assassins of Kings - Platige Image
Fruit Ninja - Enter Gutsu and Truffles! - The People's Republic of Animation

Music Video
Easy Way Out - Gotye - Oh Yeah Wow WINNER

Emma Louise - Jungle - Chris Clark
The Boat Song - Oh Yeah Wow
Memory Tapes : Yes I Know - Something Ideal

Short Film
The Gate - Joyrider Films WINNER

The Last Photo - Lissa Pascale
Project Mick - Sandy Widyanata
The Ghosts of Pere Lachaise - Chezeddy
Coke Burn – 'Never Extinguish' - Cutting Edge
Cryo - Druid Films
A Cautionary Tail - Heckler
Lost and Found - Laika
Abiogenesis - Fuzzy realms 
To The Last Drop - Bill McGuire

Ernie the Echidna - Christopher Potter WINNER

The Magic Village - Enmore TAFE 
An Arms Race - Metro South TAFE
The Magician's Hat - Pauline Brilliana Appiah
What happened to all the dodos? - Anthony Cooper
A Tragedy - The destiny of a robot - Kim Da-Heon

Titles & Openers  
Eva - Film Main Titles - Dvein WINNER

VIVA Game One opener -  AixSponza
Brisbane International Film Festival promo - Cutting Edge
Cryo - Cutting Edge
Sanofi Conference Opener - Digital Pulse
Property Month - FSM
The Straights - FSM
Gruen Planet - Hackett Films
The Avengers - main (on-end) title sequence - Method Studios
Captain America: The First Avenger - main (on-end) title sequence - Method Studios
Flickerfest on Movie Extra - pictureDRIFT
Australia's Top Model - Visual Playground
Hopman Cup - zspace

Idents & Stings
Foxtel idents - Digital Pulse WINNER

Fox Sports - NRL - FSM
A&M Awards - MFX
Disney XD Summer - Resin
Olympic Torch Relay - Studio AKA
Renovators - Visual Playground

TV Series
Game of Thrones - Pixomondo WINNER

Grimm Visual FX - Bent Image
The Woodlies - Flying Bark Productions
Flying Saucer - Clay Animation -  Spain

Web / Viral     
Coca Cola Polar Bowl - Framestore WINNER

Mulberry 'Autumn/Winter 2011' - Framestore
Love Music - Audio Network - Invisible Artists
Meth Project - Studio AKA
Yeah Just There - Studio AKA

AEAF Finalists & Winners 2011

Feature Films - Visual Effect

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Weta Digital WINNER
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1 - MPC
Sucker Punch - MPC
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 - Cinesite (Europe)
Battle Los Angeles - Cinesite (Europe)
Tomorrow When the War Began - Digital Pictures
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Industrial Light & Magic
X Men - Weta Digital
Green Lantern - Sony Pictures Imageworks

Feature Films - Animation
Rango - Industrial Light & Magic WINNER
Kung Fu Panda 2 - Dreamworks Animation SKG

Commercials Animation
Coke Zero - Cutting Edge WINNER
AT&T 'Birthday' - The Mill NY
Fox's Ambers - MPC
Cadbury's 'Spots & Stripes' – MPC
Planter's 'Alejandro' - LAIKA/House
Coca-Cola 'Seige' - Framestore
F1 Track Introduction Korea Grand Prix 2010 - AixSponza
Lexus 'Always Moving' - Rotor Studios
Petronas Syntium Partnership - MFX
Australian Open - Digital Pictures
SBS 'Immigration Nation' - Engine
GIO 'Meticulous' - XYZ Studios
Honda - ACE - iloura
AMP - Resolution Design
Battman Dance - Liquid Animation
Australian Financial Review 'Tram' - Kapow Pictures
No Safe Amount - Halo Pictures
Rusty - FSM
Mazda 'Get on Track' - Visual Playground

Commercials Visual Effects
Skoda 'Mean Green' - MPC WINNER
Let's Talk About Sex - Resolution Design
Subaru Impreza - Resolution Design
Nissan 'Pepe' – Digital District
Tooheys Extra Dry - Cutting Edge
Hyundai i20 - Digital Pictures
Freelander 2 - FSM
Bridgestone Potenza 'Unleash Your Performance' - Resin
Wrigleys React 5 - The Mill LA
MAC 'Body Paint' - Resin
Rukus 'Invisible' - Rotor Studios
Comcast 'Progress Bar' - XYZ Studios
Playstation 3 'KillZone 3' - The Mill
Origin Energy - Heckler
Dove 'Promise' - iloura
Jameson 'Fire' - Method Studios
Petronas PLI Partnership - MFX
LG Infinia TV 'Elephant' - Framestore
Wrigley's: Extra Professional - Heckler

Education & Training
The Defence State - Resin WINNER
Tactical Data Links in the Australian Defence Force - Navy Video

Flash Animation
Dripped - ChezEddy WINNER
Dogstar Series 2 - Media World Pictures
The Dukes of Bröxstônia Series 2 - Sticky Pictures

Game Cinematics
Saints Row: The Third - Plastic Wax Animation WINNER
Megamind - Zero One Animation
Rift - Plastic Wax Animation
Vanquish - Cutting Edge
Brink - Chen Intro - The Mill

Music Video
Out in the Streets - Africa Hitech - Sixty40 WINNER
Rippled - Oh Yeah Wow
Gotye - Eyes Wide Open - pictureDRIFT
Sonic.Art - Bagatelle I - schnellebuntebilder
Seasick Steve - Joyrider

Short Film
A Morning Stroll - STUDIO AKA WINNER
MutantLand - Tippett Studio
Das Tub - Media Design School
Polo's Robot - Feather Films
Butterflies - Sandro Film
Paths of Hate - Platige Image
Jenefer Loved Swimming - Hermit Animation
The Wendy-Lady - Amy Alexander
The Cartographer - Jane Shadbolt
Barko - Titmus

The Show - Rebecca Hayes (Australia)WINNER
Cookies and Scream - Media Design School (New Zealand)
Finishing Touch - Media Design School (New Zealand)
Life at Border - Rahul Saraiya UTS (Australia)
Between Bears - Eran Hilleli (Israel)
Unplugged - Chloe Tse (Australia)
Searching for Sam - David Davoll (Australia)

Titles Idents & Stings
Fox Sports Ident - Digital Pictures WINNER
VIVA Featuring - Mathematica/UFO
The Future Machine - Nug Nug
STVdio Channel - pictureDRIFT
History Channel Blessed Mary - pictureDRIFT
The Botanist - Pauline Brilliana Appiah
CI All New Asia - MFX
Letters and Numbers - Visual Playground
Sunjive Cinema Ident - Visual Playground
ABC 1 and 2 Network Rebrand - Digital Pictures
Tomorrow When the War Began End Titles - Digital Pictures
Disney XD - Resin
Astra Awards - Heckler

TV Series
Immigration Nation- The Secret History of Us - Visual Playground WINNER
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Wookie Hunt' - Lucasfilm
Hungry Beast Season 3 - Zapruder's Other Films / Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - Klute (matte painting)

Web Viral
The Line: Party Girl - Halo Pictures WINNER
Axe Cop Episode 4 - Promo Scape
Child Letters - Taste Media
Dogstar Series II - Media World Pictures
Schick 'Hydro' - YouTube Takeover - Engine
The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch - Hopscotch Productions
Get an Animated Christmas Card For $500 - Nakedfella Productions

AEAF FInalists & Winners 2010
Commercials - Animation
DJ Hero - Framestore WINNER
WWF, Ticks - XYZ Studios
Evian, Babies - MPC
The Beatles: Rock Band, Intro Cinematic - Passion Pictures, London
BBC, Eat Up Brain - Three Drunk Monkeys
Toyota, Re-Skinned - Rotor Studios
Wicked, Pole Dancing Geisha - Resolution Design
Syfy, House of Imagination - MPC
Gulaku, Candy Store - Cutting Edge
MOH, Diabetes Phase 2 - MFX
Wattyl, Solagard: Factory - The LAB Sydney
Target, Toy Sale (2D) - Iloura
Red Bear, Noodle - Liquid Animation
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Defy Physics - Resin
Coca-Cola Quest - Digital District
Nestea - Leon Painting – Suberashi
Frito Lay Dips "And Then There Was Salsa – Laika

Commercials - Visual Effects
Nestle Club - Collider WINNER
McDonalds, Player Escort - Ben West
Tiger Beer, New York - Oktobor
Ag, Ideas - XYZ
Beerenberg - Storm Studios, Norway
Nestle Club - Collider
Kerry LowLow, Mouse - MPC London
AT&T, Blanket - MPC Los Angeles
Lennox, Absolute Comfort - Resin
Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Dekha - MFX
Steinlager, Keep it Pure - Cutting Edge
Football Federation Australia, Come Play - Cutting Edge
Open University - Iloura
Kia Soul, This and That - Framestore
Canon, Get Creative with Your World - Liquid Animation
Children's Panadol - Dragon - FSM
Telstra Inflatables – Inflatable 150 - FSM
Amnesty - Digital District

Flash Animation
Monster Auditions - Sticky Pictures WINNER
The Adjustable Cosmos - Adam Duncan
Satay Satay - Sen Wong
Leshii - Irina Golina-Sagatelian
The Not So Great Eugene Green - Michael Hill
Monster Therapy - Sticky Pictures
Dukes of Broxtonia - Sticky Pictures

Games Animation
Transformers; Revenge of the Fallen - Plastic Wax WINNER
Driver San Francisco - ChezEddy
Fallout - New Vegas Teaser Trailer - Plastic Wax

Titles Idents & Stings
Foxtel – Winter Olympics Cutting Edge WINNER
ARIA Awards Visual Playground
Histoire - CA Square
Sony, Macho que se Respeta - Yotuma Communications + Design
CI Asia, Investigation - MFX
MTV Summer Idents - The LAB Sydney
Aborigina l - Iloura
East West - Iloura
Mighty Boosh - Iloura
The (very) Short Guide to the Winter Olympics - Sixty40
TV1 Summer Spots - Sixty40
Promax BDA – 2009 Opener - FSM

Plastic - Sandy Widyanata AFTRS WINNER
Momentos Decisivos - Vitor Teixeira
Nuke the Fridge - Eric So
Dead Boring - Dave Edwards AFTRS
WWF - Year of the Gorilla - Ingo Walde
Apple of Iron - Rachel Walls
A Little Problem - Rob Ride

Short Film
View From a Barber's Chair - Broken Arrow Pictures, Sean Young - GOLD
The Lost Thing - Passion Pictures - Australia SILVER
Finding My Magic - Eve Ash
Awaken - David Gould Studios
Scary Therapy - Sticky Pictures
Zero - Zealous Creative
Quiet You'll Wake The War - Alex Podger
Cracks - Stuart Mannion
Calypso - Parry Animation Studios
Sneeze Me Away - Ryan Grobins
Squirrel Away - Damian Smart
The Sydney Pulse - Pattersonics
Pompeii – Zero One Animation

TV Series
Enyo - Flying Bark Productions WINNER
The Pacific - Iloura

Music Videos
Massive Attack - Splitting the Atom- Digital District WINNER
Short Stack - The Gingerbreadmen
Coldplay, Strawberry Swing - MPC
Black Culture - John Power
Gorillaz Stylo - Passion Pictures
Madder Mortem, Where Dream & Day Collide - Toxic
Rogue Traders - Hearts Beat As One - FSM
Eskimo Joe - Foreign Land - FSM

Feature Film VFX
Avatar - Weta Digital WINNER
Robin Hood - MPC
Clash of the Titans - Cinesite - MPC
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Cinesite - MPC
Beneath Hill 60 - Cutting Edge

Feature Film Animation
How to Train Your Dragon - DreamWorks Animation WINNER
Toy Story 3 - Pixar Animation Studios
Shrek: the Final Chapter - DreamWorks Animation
Alice in Wonderland - Sony Pictures Imageworks

AEAF FInalists & Winners 2008

Short Film
Terminus - The Embassy Visual Effects WINNER
Film for the Boxed - Bryn Rhys Chainey, Griffith Film School, Griffith University
Lighthouse - Promotion Studios
Burley! - Rendition Films
Now and Nowhere - Brent Bonacorso
One of the Lucky Ones - Wendy Chandler
Outsource - Daniel Trezize

Commercials Animation
Target, Toysale - Collider WINNER
Melbourne Motor Show 80, Imagine - Animagrafx
WA Water Corp, Desal - Complete Post
Grainwaves - Eye Candy Animation
Honda, Jazz London - Iloura
UBU Shadow - Iloura
Fristi - Plantation - Liquid Animation
The Story of the SUV Asauras - Liquid Animation
Airwick , Comunal - MFX
LHL Super Lenders - Nectarine
Savings & Loans, Transform - RESIN
Kmart Toys - Sixty 40
Milo B Smart - The LAB
Sony, Cyber Shot - The LAB
Dodge Journey - XYZ Studios
McDonadls, Champion Kids - XYZ Studios

Commercials VFX
Holden Ute - Evolution - Cutting Edge Post WINNER
Loreal Melbourne, Fashion Festival 2008 - Complete Post
VW Cross, Polo - Complete Post
Parmalat Ice Break, Loaded - Cutting Edge Post
QUT, Go There - Cutting Edge Post
Coca Cola, Scream - Iloura
Ebay, Bargain Hunters - Iloura
Metlink, Seats - Iloura
Mamee, Postbox - RESIN
Powerball, Thor - RESIN

Titles, Idents & Stings
Max Music, Where Music Lives - Blahmedia WINNER
Rush, Title Sequence - Complete Post
Perodua - MFX
Wide World of Sports - Cricket 2007 REG
Comedy Channel, Iconic - Sixty 40
The Music Jungle - Sixty 40
Movie Extra, Film Ink Awards - The LAB
ARIA Music Awards - Visual Playground
Fox Sports, AFL Opener - Visual Playground

Music Video
Home - Afterglow WINNER
They Said I Said, Sugarbush Beat Company - Planet of Animation
Cog, Bird of a Feather - Silo

TV Series
Little Farm of Horror - Farmkids WINNER
Animalia episode 18 - Animalia

Games Animation
Dawn of War 2 - Plastic Wax Animation WINNER
Sacred 2 Montage - Act 3 Animation
Jumper - Zero One Animation
Space Chimps - Zero One Animation

Symphony - Eric Oh, UCLA WINNER
No Strings Attached - A Hilbrecht
Starcrossed - Patrick Clair, AFTRS
Poles Apart - Paul Lalo, Steven Smith &
Xue Sen Wong, Griffith Film School, Griffith University
The Room - Griffith Film School, Griffith University
Beneath the Poppies - Paul Garry, RMIT
Bang Bang You're Dead- Mitchell Wade, University of Technology Sydney
Brutal - Poromate Chotvararak, University of Technology Sydney
Come Back Sweetheart - Chang-Pei Wu
Fancy - Luke Richardson
Mariza - Constantine Kystallis, University of Technology Sydney Student
The Power of Off - Narathip Wungdeelert, University of Technology Sydney
Toumai - Carlos Stevens

Education & Training
Celestial Navigation - Navy Video Unit WINNER
Sea World Whale Watch, The Journey - Albedo VFX

Feature Films, Animation
WALL -E - Pixar Animation Studios WINNER
Kung Fu Panda - DreamWorks Animation
Horton Hears a Who!- Blue Sky Studios

Feature Films, VFX
Transformers - Industrial Light & Magic WINNER
The Ruins - Rising Sun Pictures
Black Water - Black Water Films
The Iron Man - Industrial Light & Magic
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Moving Picture Company


AEAF FInalists & Winners 2007

Arnott's Shapes 'Colosseum' - The Lab Sydney WINNER
Vivendi 'Wet' - Rainmaker (Canada)
Footnap - XYZ Studios
Samsung "Blackjack" – Picturedrift
Bega Stringers – Surreal World
Vigorsol 'The Legend' - MPC

Sony 'Paint' - MPC WINNER
Philips 'Coolskin' - Wizz France
Club Line - Eye Candy Animation
Samsung "PAVV" – The Lab Sydney
yellow 'scooterSquad' – XYZ Studios
Bridgestone "Control Freak" - Resin

Happy Feet - Animal Logic WINNER
Rising Sun Pictures - Charlotte's Web
Pixar - Cars –
Monster House – Sony Pictures Imageworks

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - ILM WINNER
Animal Logic – 300
Sunshine – MPC
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix - Rising Sun Pictures
Spiderman 3 – Sony Pictures Imageworks

Silverchair - 'Reflections of a Sound' - Cornerpost/The Lab WINNER
Gotye/Hearts a Mess – pictureDRIFT
Intercooler "You're Not Gonna Hurt Us Again" - Pen & Picture
Sugarush – Planet of Animation
Laura Imbruglia 'Looking for a Rabbit' - Silo:6
MeatBee "Just For Me" - Acadamy of Interactive Entertainment

The Ark - Platige Image WINNER
Bees Knees – Eye Candy Animation
Flutterby - Parry Studios
Sam & Piccolo - Adam Walker Film

The Bronze Mirror - Susan Danta, AFTRS WINNER
In Memoriam – Valentin Gueu, Romain Maleyrot, Jerome Oudot, Shirley Pons, ESMA
Midnight Baah.B.Q – Jessica Harris & Rocco Francese, TAFE SA
A Better Place – Sumgmin Mun
RCNNCTD.- Adrian Higgins, Dominic Pearce, Steven Hughes, Edith Cowan University
Bully and the Beast – Kelvin Baker, Griffith University
Chocolate Cake - Benjamin Wright, AFTRS
The Hollow Tree – Ed Coy, AFTRS
Photon - Michael Bongiorno, CNMA, ANU
My Cubicle - Carl Heron, TAFE SA

VMA 2007 Broadcast Package -The Lab Sydney WINNER
Forbidden Lie$ -Resin
agideas 2006 'what inspires me' – XYZ Studios

Old Rooster And The Sea – FARMkids WINNER
Dogstar - Media World Pictures
Old Rooster And The Sea – FARMkids

Unleash the Fury – Act3animation WINNER
Sho Reel - Gary Lieuw

AEAF 2006

Commercials Animation
Framestore CFC - Rexona 'Go Wild"

Commercials Visual Effects
Animal Logic - Toyota Prado 'Ice Sculptures"

Feature Film Animation
Pixar - Cars

Feature Film Visual Effects
ILM - Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest

Music Video
Animal Logic - Telemetry Orchestra 'Cherry Tree'

Titles Idents & Stings
Animal Logic - Cartoon NEtwork 'Cartoon' Ident

:Short Film
Blur Studio - A Gentlemann's Duel

AFTRS - Emit

Games Animation
Act 3 Animation - Neverwinter Nights 2

Web Animation
Nectarine - Flash, Saviour of the Internet

Television Series
Framestore - Prehistoric Park

AEAF FInalists & Winners 2005
Feature Films VFX
Star WarsEpisode III: Revenge of the Sith - ILM WINNER
The Aviator - Sony Pictures Imageworks -
Kingdom of Heaven - MPC

Feature Films Animation
The Incredibles - Pixar Animation Studios WINNER
Howl's Moving Castle - Studio Ghibli
Madagascar - Dreamworks Animation SKG
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - MPC

AEAF 2005
WINNERS & Finalists

Commercials Animation
Guinness 'noitulovE' Framestore CFC WINNER
Mini Ritz: Stork - Digital Pictures Iloura
Oz Lotto Changed - Rocket Squad Pty Ltd
Proton Savvy – "scratch" Moon FX Sdn Bhd
Kakiseni – "3rd Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards Night Promo"
Coke – A Little Wild Digital Pictures Iloura
Esuvee 'Keep it on all fours' - Framestore CFC
Grapevine - Eye Candy Animation
Train - Gobo Box
Kaleidoscope Classic 'Shape your imagination' - The Post Lounge
Exercise Your Imagination - ABC New Media & Digital Services
Optus 'Harmony' - Animal Logic

Commercials VFX
Chanel 'No 5 – The Film' - Animal Logic WINNER
eBay China - Postmodern
Tooheys Extra Dry – 'War of the Appliances' - Animal Logic
VW Golf Gti – 'Singing in the Rain' - MPC
Peugeot 307 CC – 'Roofless' - La Maison
Renault Espace – 'Hector's Life' - Framestore CFC Carlton Draught 'Big Ad' - Animal Logic
Vision - 'Live Beyond Your Imagination' - The Post Lounge
Stella Artois – Ice Skating Priests
Adidas 'Impossible Field' - Framestore CFC
Club Med – 'Les Visages' - La Maison
Australian Rugby union "Butterflies" - Cutting Edge

Short Film
The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello - 3D Films WINNER
Aerosol - OZZYWOOD Films -
Pinata - Act3animation
Guajiro - The Computer Graphics College / Cactus Ink
Acqua Natasa - La Maison
A Black and White World - Animator: Peter Leary
Platige Image - Fallen Art
Pumpkin Moon - Toonz Animation India

The Drop - Holmesglen TAFE WINNER
Crooked Mick of the Speewah - AFTRS
Guajiro - The Computer Graphics College/Cactus Ink
In the Interests of Customer Service - Griffith University
Fuel TV Ident 'Beans' - AFTRS
Nickelodeon Ident 'Burp Things' - AFTRS
Bust-ed - Rob Genito, Tim Roberts
What a Drag - TAFE SA, Hana Broughton, Carl Heron
Panthera - Alex Kim
Untitled - TAFE SA, Hana Broughton, Carl Heron
Spooky Doll Kids – What's Eating Brownie? - Film and TV Institute
Dollar Bill - Design Centre Enmore
Road Kill - TAFE SA

Music Video
Pest Control 'Lo Fi' - Animators at Large WINNER
Silicon Spiders, 'Easily Broken' - Kanga Manga Studios
67 special 'Walking Away' - Animal Logic
Chemical Brothers 'Believe' - Framestore CFC
Butterfly 'I want you' - Blue Dahlia Films

TV Series
The Last Dragon - Framestore CFC WINNER
Space Odyssey Voyage to the Planets - Framestore CFC
The Truth about Killer Dinosaurs - MPC
Duck Dodgers - Liquid Animation

Titles, Idents & Stings
Headland - Engine WINNER
Q Drama- Engine
Zatzit Ident Leader - See
Stadium- Engine
My Restaurant Rules - Engine
Discovery Real Time - Engine
Spies & PIs - Cornerpost
New Breed Vets 'Episode 1' - The Post Lounge
MIFF Credit Reel - Digital Pictures Iloura
Promax Bda Conference opener 2005 - Foxtel Design
Spicks and Specks' opening titles - Animal Logic
Sav - Cycho
Discovery Travel & Living - Engine
The Mole opener titles - Seven Network
A Current Affair - T-Mation

Web Animation
Dust Echoes - ABC New Media & Digital Services WINNER
Dog & Cat News - Blue Rocket Productions
Cyberquoll: The Cousins from Hell - Nectarine
The Life, Times & Travels of Extraordinary Vice Admiral William Bligh - ABC New Media & Digital Services

Training & Education
Gus the Gudgeon Fish - John Rowe Animation WINNER
Fun Blox - Instructional DVD - Dual Jewels
RAN Ships 2005 - Navy Video
Cyberquoll: The Cousins from Hell - Nectarine
A Current Affair - T-Mation

AEAF FInalists & Winners 2004

Sejong Park, Australian Film Television and Radio School
RYAN - National Film Board of Canada Chris Landreth,
FLIGHTAlister Grierson, Australian Film Television and Radio School
TOP SHELF Rabbit Town Productions
EXISTENCE Timothy Merks
CRAWLSPACE Peter Sved, Australian Film Television and Radio School
THE TOOTH Nathan Stone

Scion tc 3D Artist – Ambience WINNER
Ikea "Chameleon" – Twisted Media Sdn Bhd
Aquashot – Iloura
Just Jeans – Iloura
Choose One – Oktobe
Fresh n Fruity – 'Label Change' – Oktober
Blue Haven – 'That's Entertainment' – Eye Candy Animation
KIA 'Knickers' – Passion Pictures
Kellogg's Japan – "Treasure Hunt" – Cutting Edge
Telstra – Fire Horse Studios
Candyman 'Skeleton' – Moon FX SDN BHD
Energizer 'Wedding' – Animal Logic

Petronas 'Feel the Power' – FUEL International WINNER
Petronas 'Tech Magic' – Moon FX SDN BHD
Peugeot 607 "Feline" – La Maison
Questacon – Eaten Alive – Eye Candy Animation
Hewlett Packard 'Change' – Passion Pictures
Johnnie Walker 'Tree' – Framestore CFC
Mercedes Benz – Resolution Design
02 – Digital Music Player – The Mill
TAC 'No Accident' – Animal Logic
Cailler 'Casanova' – Animal Logic
ACTC 'Mirror' Version 1 – Swish Group

LOOT OPENING SEQUENCE Box Communications Pty Ltd
EVERYTHING GOES Fire Horse Studios
TVNZ Fuel International

Goldfrapp, "Twist" – The Mill WINNER
Powderfinger, "Sunsets" - Liquid Animation WINNER
Bidston "Cutey Bitey (Seven)" - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Exhausted, "False Lies" (The War) - Animators at Large
King Curly, "Familyman" – Studionix
R.E.M, "Bad Day" - Passion Pictures
The Offspring, "Hit That" - Passion Pictures

WICKED SCIENCE Jonathan Shiff Productions
ANIMAL FACE OFF Drummond Design

THE DEMISE OF SIR DRINKS-A-LOT Kane Elferink, Enmore TAFE Design Centre WINNER
LAST MEMORIES Gareth Lockett
SNAILS OF THUNDER Dennis Goh, Torrens Valley TAFE
FRILL NECKS Mark Wosczalski, Australian Film Television Radio School
RINOPAN COMMERCIAL Computer Graphics College
THE DOOR (VRATA) Kinoklub Karlovac
WHIPPER SNAPPER Sam Henman, 3D Animation Design Centre Enmore
DINO Ben Weller, Academy of Interactive Entertainment

SUICIDAL BALLOON Liquid Amber Design

Polar Express – Sony Pictures Imageworks WINNER
Cat in the Hat – Rhythm & Hues
Garfield – Rhythm & Hues
Shrek 2 – Dreamworks
Shark Tale – Dreamworks
Steam Boy – Sunrise
Les Triplettes de Belleville – Studios Les Triplettes

The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King – Weta Digital WINNER
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban – The Moving Picture Company/Framestore CFC
Hero – Animal Logic
Thunderbirds – Framestore CFC
Troy – Framestore CFC
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World – Asylum
Spider-Man 2 – Sony Pictures Imageworks

WINNERS & Finalists

Commercials Animation
The Mill Tooheys Party Tongue

Commercials Visual Effects
Framestore CFC Johnnie Walker - Fish

Feature Film Animation
Pixar Finding Nemo

Feature Film Visual Effects
EON Entertainment The Matrix Reloaded

Glassworks Bjork – Nature is Ancient

Education & Training
Animation Research LimitedLife in the Kaikoura Canyon

Titles Idents & Stings
Framestore CFC Die Another Day

Short Film
Passion Pictures Polar Bears – Gary's Fall

Warwick Mellow Pan

Plastic Wax Animation WarCraft 3 Expansion: The Frozen Throne

:Web Animation
Bigfish Design Gefiltefish Speedos

Television Series
Extreme Martial Arts – The Hidden World of Martial Arts
Animal Logic

AEAF FInalists & Winners December 2002

Feature Film VFX
Star Wars: Episode II 'Attack of the Clones' - ILM WINNER
Spider-man - Sony Pictures Imageworks
The Time Machine - Digital Domain
Panic Room - BUF
Simone - BUF
Blade 2 - Framestore CFC
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Weta Digital
Seconds to Spare - Cutting Edge VFX
Subterano - Phenomena at Digital Pictures
Harry Potter & the
Philosopher's Stone - MPC

Feature Film Animation
Stuart Little 2 - Sony Pictures Imageworks WINNER
Blade 2 - Framestore CFC
Robota - Sparx*
Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone - MPC

Games Animation
TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Animal Logic WINNER
AFL Live 2003 - Act 3 Animation
Jurassic Park "Demiurge" - Act 3 Animation

Web Animation
The Whale Whisperer - Nectarine WINNER
The Flying Nut - Dean White
Cycling Blues - Francois Roux
Testimony - Simon Norton
Cocoon - Endriko Topo, Computer Graphics College
Safari - Matthew Gay, Computer Graphics College

Commercials Animation
Monaro 'Game Over' - Iloura WINNER
Lil' Red Button - Uli Meyer Animation
Video on Demand - EFEX
Adidas – 'More Power To You'
Mortein 'Can Trust' - MOON FX SDN. BHD
Fruit Loops
'Treasure Chest' - Cutting Edge VFX
Electoral Commission 'Unstoppable' - MPC
Emirates - RGB Digital Animation
Gilbeys Gin 'Alcatraz' - Fire Horse Studio
Disney Adventures - Attik
Lotto 'Pinball' - Fin Design & Effects
Heineken - Complete Post
Kraft 'Are You Game?' - Caveboy Studios

Commercials VFX
Visa 'Dining Out' - Fin Design & Effects WINNER
Ministry of Sound Annual 2003 - Attik
Shell Advance 'Feel the Difference' - MOON FX,
X Box ' Champagne' - Framestore CFC
X Box Mosquito' - Framestore CFC
Time Warner 'Pigs' - La Maison
Petronas F1 'Learning Curve' - MOON FX
Levi's ' Odyssey' - Framestore CFC
Traffic and Accident Commission 'Slo Mo' - Fin Design & Effects
Pajero 'DID' - Cutting Edge VFX
Whiskas 'Bagpipes' - Animal Logic
Steinlager 'Lust for Life II' - Oktobor,
Metro FM – I am Beat - Spin Group,
National Bank 'Brand' - Oktobor
Gatorade Fierce 'Visitors' - Animal Logic

Education & Training
Sun/Solar System Flyby - John Rowe Animation WINNER
Telstra Wholesale Broadband - Digital FX
Vital Essence - Vanilla Interactive
Sergeant Offensive Operations - Australian Army Training Technology Centre
Back O' Bourke Bob – Outback Hero - Griffith University Queensland College of Art

Music Video
Gorillaz "19- 2000" - Passion Pictures WINNER
Disco Montego 'Beautiful' - Prodigy Films
Crazy Baldheads "Recharge" - Fly TV (ABC TV)
Karma - Babyfoot Productions
"One Day I'll Fly Away" from Moulin Rouge - Complete Post
The Superjesus "Enough to Know" - Ripple Digital Films
Primal Scream "Miss Lucifer" - MPC
Silverchair "Without You" - Cutting Edge VFX
Joost "Come on Baby" - Oktobor
Killing Heidi "Heaven Sent" - Ripple Digital Films
Sophie Monk "Inside Outside" - Momentum Animation Studios

Titles Idents & Stings
Dirty Deeds Opening Titles - Box Communications/Fuel International WINNER
Fly TV ident #1 - Irinago
Pulp Sci-Fi - Animal Logic
Sour Grapes - RGB Digital Animation
Inspector Gadget - Cutting Edge VFX
Sportswatch (titles) - Seven Network
The Knight in Rusty Armour - Mike O'Neill Productions
Ponderosa Opening Titles - Complete Post
BBC2 Remote Control - SVC
Discovery Home & Leisure 2002 - SVC
Night Out on SHO-TOO - Film Roman
Tennis Masters Cup - Engine
SLAM! Open - Nickelodeon Australia
Saturday Morning Fly - Fly TV (ABC TV)
Girls Bits/Boys Bits - Fly TV (ABC TV)
Imparja Station ID - Media Odyssey
Blue Peter: Unleashed - BBC

Short Film
The ChubbChubbs - Sony Pictures Imageworks WINNER
Show & Tell - Kapow Pictures
Chickendales - GRID
Broken Allegiance - Nick Hallem
The Fuzz - FWAK! Animation
The Cathedral - Platige Image
Cane-Toad - Andrew Silke
BitziTuleBocques - Cactus Ink
Unravelling - Ann Shenfield
Three Months with Pook - Jack Feldstein Films
Sr. Trapo (Mr. Cloth) - Pasozebra Productions
Summer of 77 - Bob Pictures
The Arsonist's Riddle - Ben West
Butterfly - Dream Ireland
Things You Shouldn't Do To Baby Chickens - Two Heads Productions
Into the Dark - Jungle Pictures
Suburban Knight - Dean White
That Soul Thing - La Maison

Flywheel - Lachlan Nuttall WINNER
Pending - Anna Tow, AFTRS WINNER
What's for dinner? - Ben Bryan, La Trobe University
D3 - Sidney Chen
Mr Peebody - Glenn Wilson, Silicon Graphics Centre
Frontiers - Jodee Kelly, RMIT
Dragonbliss - Eric Knight, Enmore Design Centre
This Way Out - Benjamin Noonan, Victorian College of the Arts
Overhead - Benjamin Noonan,Victorian College of the Arts
Oh O Oh Superman - Harriet Napier Birks
A Dreamy Mouse - Carlo Perin, Computer Graphics College
Sketch - Daniel Fotheringham, Victorian College of the Arts

TV Series
Walking with Beasts - Framestore CFC WINNER
Dinotopia - Framestore CFC
Microbe Invasion - Drummond Design
The Dog & Cat News - Blue Rocket Productions
The Shapies - Light Knight Production
Petey & Jaydee Go Exploring – The Bathroom Series - Momentum Animation Studios
Pirate Islands – Episode 1 - Jonathan M Shiff Productions
Wolfgang - Sparx*
Wild Weather (BBC1 Series) - MPC

AEAF Winners February 2002

Commercials Animation
Iloura Post Production - Renault RX4 "We Create RX4"

Commercials Visual Effects
Omnilab Post - VW "Domino"

Feature Film: Animation
Pixar Animation Studios - Monsters, Inc.

Feature Film: Visual Effects
Weta Digital - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Music Video
Complete Post - Come What May

Titles, Idents & Stings
Channel 7 Sydney - XIX Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake 2002

Education & Training
BBC Resources 3Dfx London - Rage to Revenge

Short Film
Sparkling* - Life

Dan Hartney, Victorian College of the Arts - Buckethead

TV Series
BEEPS - Space - with Sam Neill

Web Animation

AWARDS Winners and Finalists 2001

Commercials Animation
Gatorade'Raptor vs Raptor' - ILM WINNER
Guiness 'Bet on Black' - The Mill
Mercedes C Class 'Aaaaaooooooga' - The Mill
Sony Wega - Ambience Entertainment
Nipon Paint Medifreshh 3 in 1 'Evacuate' - Unreal PIctures
Mario - Act 3 Animation
7 KPMG - Garner Maclenan Design GMD

Commercials Visual Effects
TDK 'Evolve' - Digital Pictures WINNER
Cadbury Schweppes 'Fancy Dress' - Rushes Post Production
Cadbury Schweppes 'Birthday' - Rushes Post Production
Cadbury Schweppes 'Spider' - Rushes Post Production
Celcom - Rising Sun Pictures
Honda Odysee - Ambience Entertainment
Clarion 2000 'Monstor' - Act 3 Animation
Orange 'Hold Up' - Smoke and Mirrors
Nissan 'All New Pulsar' - Garner Maclenan Design GMD
Levis 'Invisible Man' - Digital Domain

Feature Film
Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Digital Domain WINNER
Gladiator - The Mill
Magnolia - ILM
The Perfect Storm - ILM
The Magic Pudding - Energee Entertainment
Hollow Man - Sony Pictures
Dinosaur - Walt Disney Pictures

Music Video
Bardot 'I Should've Never Let You Go - Momentum Animation Studios WINNER
Fat Boy Slim 'Deamons' - The Hive Animation
Soma Rasa - Cutting Edge Post
Christine Anu 'Sunshine on a Rainy Day' - Attik
Gina Jeffreys 'Angel' - Momentum Animation Studios

Titles, Idents & Stings
Hoyts 'Experience' - Garner Maclenan Design GMD WINNER
Coca Cola Redfet - Circus Group
Comedy Chanel Sting - Foxtel Graphics
TSCB 'Ice' - Digital Pictures
Click on TEN opening titles - Cutting Edge Post
New Millenium Television - Ambience Entertainment
Channel Ten idnet - Attik
Gangster No. 1 title sequence - Smoke and Mirrors
Article 27 - Smoke and Mirrors
Petey and Jadee go Exploring 'The Blender' - Momentum Animation Studios
Hoyts 'Experience' - Garner Maclenan Design GMD

Education & Training
A Natural Journey - Animated Biomedical Productions WINNER
Memotosis via Endoscopy - Animated Biomedical Productions
The Hive Animation - Poisoned Graphics

Short Film
For the Birds - Pixar Animation Studios WINNER
Paddy Rabbits Furry Flicks - Act 3 Animation
Mister Whiskas - Act 3 Animation

Intransit - Mike Daly, AFTRS WINNER
Values - Van Phan USC
The Collective - Chris Richards-Scully AFTRS
Stage Drive #1 - Ricky Price Silicon Graphics Centre Enmore TAFE
Tales from the Creek - Chris Harris Silicon Graphics Centre Enmore TAFE

TV Series
Curse of the Talisman - Photon WINNER
The Lost World - Photon VFX
Stargate SG -1, Season IV - Rainmaker Digital Pictures
Dark Angel pilot - Rainmaker Digital Pictures

Web Animation
Westvale Road - Momentum Animation Studios WINNER
Six Feet Underground - Brilliant Digital
Anita Bomber Episode 3 - Wild Brain Inc.
Groove Monkey - Wild Brain Inc.

Games Animation
Starship Troupers - Act3 Animation WINNER
OZ The Magical Adventures - Sausage
Looney Tunes Space Races - Infogrames Melbourne House

AEAF FInalists & Winners 2000

Commercials Animation
Kellogs Coco Pops WINNER
Coca Cola Jitterbug
First Union Noise
Mobil Tunnels

Commercials Visual Effects
Lincoln Surprising Journey WINNER
Triservises Badges
Ford Cougar Driver
Sony Playstation Mental Wealth

Titles Idents & Stings
TCN 9 Cricket Opener WINNER
Odd Sox
Fox 8
Bush Beat Opener
Carlton World Idents
Int. Athletics Titles

Short Films Independent
Slim Pickings WINNER
Cheap Blonde
Dark Age of Light
Witchcvraft & Idolatry

Short Films
Wyatt Earp
Ronin Romance Classics
Fat Cat on Diet

Project Vlad
Steeling the Skies

Education & Training
Gnomes Quest WINNER
Nerve Transfer Surgery
Mechanism of an Acute Alergic Reaction
The Tail That Wagged the Dog

Music Videos
Bjork All is full of Love WINNER
Venus or Mars
Amiel The Chase
Chemical Brothers Let It Be Forever
MelG Word Up
George Michael AS

Millenium Bug WINNER
The Ark House

Television Animated Series
Walking With Dinosaurs WINNER
The New Adventures of Ocean Girl
SELLebrity SELLection

Feature Films
Star Wars Episode 1 WINNER
Alice in Wonderland
The Mummy
Stuart Little
The Miralce Maker


Commercials Animation
Perrier - Buf Compagnie

Commercials VFX
NRMA Ladybird - Animal Logic

Feature Film
Antz - PDI

Music Video
Bjork 'Hunter' ME Caomany

Titles, Idents & Stings
Talking Books - Garner McLennan Design

Education & Training
Motion Capture Baby - Red Alert

Short Film
Trinidad - Animal Logic

Mushies - Matthew Smith

ICE - Mivida SA


PPP X-ray - Smoke and Mirrors

Feature Film
The Lost World - ILM

Music Video
Smoke City 'Underwater Love' - Red Post Productions

Titles, Idents & Stings
Joey (titles) - Garner McLennan Design

Education & Training
Walking With Dinosaurs - Framestore

Short Film
Gabola the Gread - Pacific Data Images (PDI)

Bump 'n' Andy - Russell Appleford

Opel Astra Ride - Electric Image

AEAF 1997 Finalists

Nissan Pathfinder - Ambience Post and Design
Dr Pepper 'Statue' – Garner MacLennan
Boeing 'Spaces' - Garner MacLennan
Yakult 'Galoopers' - Conja
Ski Divine + Ski d'Lite 'Spoons' - Conja
Electrolux 'Jungle' - Buf Compagnie
Hallmark 'Magnets' - Pixar Animation Studios
Oldsmobile Aurora 'Caught Their Eye' - R Greenberg Associates

Feature Film
The Frighteners - Weta Digital
Romeo and Juliet - Complete Post
The Arrival - Pacific Data Images (PDI)
Dragonheart - ILM

Music Video
BZZZ 'The Fly/LA M' - I+J = R
Like a Rolling Stone - Buf Compagnie
Babylon Zoo - Cinesite (Europe)
Skunk Anansie - Digital Pictures

Titles, Idents & Stings
Songlines - ABC TV
Arena - Garner MacLennan Design
TVI Campaign Series - Garner MacLennan Design
Dunderheads - Film Graphics
The Hub Opening Titles - XYZ Entertainment
Wipeout 2097 Intro - Psygnosis
BBC2 Campaigns - BBC Television
BBC1 Campaigns - BBC Television
MTV 'Freaks Parade' - Partizan Midi Minuit
The Comedy Channel - Digital Pictures

Education & Training
Fibonacci and the Golden Mean - The Palladian Group
Space Ship - Fantome
Rolli and Rita - Kim Aldis, Tim Gibson

Short Film
Alfred - Planet Voodoo Studios
Tug Wilson - John Francis
The Wrong Brothers - Whitehorse Films
Dutch Nelson Galaxy Guy - Ronin Animation

Nolene Giblet's Big Snatch – RMIT Melbourne
Adrenaline - All Ensad
La Stele - Ecole Superieure d'Informatique de Communication
Walking Around - Universidad Islas Baleares
To Boost or Not to Boost - Universidad Islas Baleares

The Missile - ISSC Australia
Glacier Run - New Wave Entertainment
RGB Adventure - New Wave Entertainment

Optical Corneal Visualisation - University of California Berkeley
Atlanta in Motion - Georgia Tech
Dynamic Balance & Walking Control of Planar Bipeds - Iowa State University

PC/ Mac Generated
Robokids Trailer - Maxink
Rainbow Bridge - Frontier Images
Snapshots - Planet Voodoo Studios
Alfred - Planet Voodoo Studios
Nolene Giblet's Big Snatch - Susan Earl
The Examiner - Murchison Productions

AEAF 1996 Finalists

Songs of the Immigrant Bride - Jill Carter- Hansen WINNER
Middriffini - Sabrina Schmidt
Psyche Engine - Justin Bower
Period - ExMachina

NRG 'Desmond the Dog' - Lost in Space WINNER
Philips 'Better Things' - Animal Logic
Mercedes-Benz E Calss 'THe Beauty Within - Garner MacLennan Design
Adidas Adventure 'Microchip' - Animal Logic
Sapura 'Ant' - Animal Logic

Feature Film
Toy Story - Pixar Animation Studios WINNER
Flipper - Photon Stockman
Street Fighter - Photon Stockman
Jumanji - ILM
Space - Photon Stockman

Music Video
Hoopsnake 'Outta my System' - ACME Production and Design
Bohemian Rebel - John Francis
Stand by me King Cool - Christine Depraz
Planet Yogo 'Congo Pack' - ACME Productions

Titles, Idents & Stings
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Opening Parade titles - ABC
Compass, titles - ABC
Water Rats - Garner MacLennan Design
Babe, titles - Animal Logic
Kam Yam - ABC

Short Film
Joe & Basket - Spans & Partner WINNER
Unexplained Object - Digital Vista
Migration of the Birdgcages - Surreal World
The Invisible Man in Blind - Pascal Vuong

The Silence of the Sighting Mark 0 ENSAD
Black Hole - ENSAD
The Cult - ENSAD
Placebo Jean-Claude Kalache, Texas University
The Hit - Jordi Moragues, UIB

Interactive Entertainment
Totally REDiculous - Asylum Productions
Dog Day - GZ Interactive Design

PC/ Mac Generated
Collage - Tom Mikulic
Psy-Vision - Digital Realms
Olympic Minutes - ATN 7
GraFXlab - ISSC Australia