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NFTeams Ape

Cadre Pictures


The success or failure of an NFT collection can often come down to hype and engagement with the community. In the case of NFTeams, promoting to the target audience was one aspect, but equally as important is seeking and motivating sponsors to come on board. Cadre Pictures were requested to develop a video which would appeal to companies specifically and be used to garner excitement and help lead to investment.

The brief was simple, use the client’s own Golden Bored Ape as our figurehead, an iconic character in the community. Through the Ape we showcase NFTeams as a collection with varying sporting codes – providing a teaser for the team jerseys where sponsors could have their branding incorporated.
With the narrative we wanted to draw out the introduction of each of the key elements to the viewer. We begin by tapping into the classic momentum-building athletic arena entrances, which now often act as secondary fashion catwalks. The Golden Ape is slowly revealed over 3-4 shots, the sports aspect is simply secondary props until the team jerseys are featured, and finally contrasted with the sporting movements and gameplay at the latter stages, balancing both the apparel and action.

As the face of NFTeams, it was vital to elaborate on the Ape’s character and attitude, through his performance. He has some swagger, he is bored, but he knows he’s king of the crypto jungle. Our hero’s sporting credentials are then showcased with a brief but entertaining cameo, before our call to action.

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CGI by Cadre Pictures
VFX Producer: Steven Kerswell
Creative Director: Pat da Cunha
Surfacing & Lighting Lead: Alan Do
Technical Director: Ben Bryan
Modelling: Eoin Cannon
Animator: Brian Doecke
3D Generalist: Nathan Juno
Client: Steve Morlando NFTeams