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BSides - Meet The Sidetowners

Blind Pig


Meet The Sidetowners. B-Sides is a comic book series, drawing influences from music, film and street culture. The Sidetowners are an established bank of illustrated characters, and it was our task to, for the very first time, bring them to life! 
From Bodhi's taco station, to the B-Side bar, our frame-by-frame 2D animation features not only the much-loved illustrated cast, but also the sneaky Ratmones.


Animation Studio - Blind Pig
Creative Direction & Compositing - Ric Comline
Design - David Raccoon, Dickie Gamble, Christine Peters, Niall High, William Smith
Animation - Christine Peters, Niall High, William Smith
Production - Ana Hoxha, Thierry Levy

Co-Production - B-Sides
B-Sides - Greg Bourne, Conor McNicholas
Sound - Absolute
Sound Designers - Rich Martin, Ian 'Arge' Hargest
Music - Whitey "Stay On The Outside"