Archie Rose Distilling Co. - Tailored For You, By You

The Funktion


Archie Rose Distilling Co. needed some striking content to explain how every bottle of their (well, actually… YOUR) Tailored Gin is made, so we developed a stop motion campaign to stop the audience in their tracks! Using motion control rigs to program our movements and animated entirely at 25 frames per second, we created a beautifully crafted film to push Archie Rose Distilling into the world of video content.


Animation & Post-Production - Peter Nizic

Director - Peter NizicDOP - Simon HigginsArchie Rose Distilling Co.Head of Marketing - Victoria TullochDesign & Marketing Product Manager - Nick PikeHead of Hospitality - Harriet LeighDigital Marketing & Content Production Coordinator - Bek Murray Assistant Brand Manager - Keira ScurryGraphic Designer - Zikri Teo


Dragonframe, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop