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A Hyperjump in Ventilation - 0000100

Colour Andre


With the upcoming launch of a new medical ventilator that is smaller, lighter, cheaper and 1000x more sensitive than any existing modalities, the only way we could think to describe it was a Hyperjump.

This video, shown on the pre-launch product website, is designed to generate interest and attendance for the global launch of the product at the prestigious AARC congress. Exciting, enticing and teasing them all without giving away too much information, including the product name, all to drive FOMO.

With a subtle nod to zooming past Plaid mode at the beginning (For those Spaceballs/Telsa nerds), this video highlights key messaging around the device while only teasing silhouette details.
Early results have already created massive pre-event interest and signup, leading towards the event in November.


Andre Ash - Art Direction/Story boarding/Animation/Modelling/VFX