TV Series

Warrior Nun - Season 2

The Embassy


The Embassy reunited with Netflix to provide full VFX for the second season of ‘Warrior Nun’. With Netflix and Reality Distortion Field showrunner Simon Barry keen to up the ante for the new season, The Embassy was enlisted to complete over 800 vfx shots - up from just under 700 shots during the first season. The work included digital doubles of the main cast, multiple set extensions, magic & portal fx and updated creature design work from season one.

VFX Supervisor - Michael Blackbourn
Compositing Supervisor - Nick Whiteley
Asset Supervisor - Paul Copeland
Executive Producer - Winston Helgason
VFX Producer - Danielle Kinsey
Associate Producer - Annie-Claude Lapierre
Production Coordinator - Cillian Altman
On-set VFX Supervisor: Bernhard Kimbacher
Roto & Prep Lead - Elizabeth Matthews
VFX Editor - Cassandra Yaseniuk

VFX Artists:Austin Anderson, Dmitri Bajenov, Wiebke Bohm, Charlotte Brancucci, JD Buzz, Dylan Campbell, Corey Coates, Kyran Cressey, Demara Davidson, Gueschem Degni, Nelson Fernandes, Marc-Andre Gray, Riley Gray, Minoo Haghdad, David Koss, Wes Lee, Josh Lerio, Kyle Lie, Francis Lim, Michael Lowes, Nikita Lyu, Mauricio Maqueda Munguia, James May, Allan Morel, Rafael Nuñez, Sami Oms, Kim Savory, Gavin Seager, Hugo Wijaya, Ran Zhang
Additional VFX by Haymaker

Additional VFX by Basilic Fly