WetaFX SheHulk

TV Series

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Wētā FX


For She-Hulk’s first appearance in the MCU, our animators created a digital performance that embodied every nuance of actress Tatiana Maslany’s personality and expressions – enabling seamless transitions between Jen Walters and her green alter ego. Working from the inside out, the team built a skeleton and tissue rig capable of producing highly detailed skin and muscle deformations in every pose.

She-Hulk's glamorous look would be incomplete without her long locks. Our team made seven custom grooms – each with 3 times the number of strands than a normal head of hair, and used a unique zero-gravity grooming method to let the hair fall into place naturally. For She-Hulk’s red carpet look, the team created a photorealistic sequin dress covered in 1,165,769 sequins, simulating a variety of different sizes and surface materials interacting against each other to produce the realistic shimmer effect of a sequin dress.

From a playful yoga training montage, to a chaotic sibling-like fight sequence, our Previs team had a lot of fun building up the She-Hulk and Smart-Hulk shots from the script and early storyboard. The team reflected on their own sibling interactions to choregraph the fight and used cleverly-timed cinematography and comic-book inspired staging to help set a comical tone for the show and accentuate the Hulks’ impressive strength. Both She-Hulk and

Smart-Hulk presented unique challenges through their physiology and body transformations. Each digital character used our dynamic pore, blood flow, and eye water systems in order to accurately capture the actors’ performance with unparalleled realism.
Modifying on set mo-cap was necessary to portray She-Hulks muscular form and weight as she battles a horde of demons. For the chaotic sequence the team created two versions of the creatures , using different animal references to develop the creatures’ motion and mannerisms.

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