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TV Series

Love, Death & Robots - Night of the Mini Dead

Rodeo FX


It was only a matter of time before Rodeo would sign an episode of Netflix’s anthology sci-fi masterpiece: Love, Death and Robots. In the middle of a season joined by some of the world’s best creators, you can find a 7-minute, action-packed episode that perfectly embodies the creative team’s deep love for classic movies, great storytelling, and a major dose of fun: Night of the Mini Dead.Despite its very peculiar aesthetic, the episode is not shot using stop-motion (surprise!). Our team actually started with some 2D footage imagery, to which tilt-shift was added, and the lighting was corrected to create the final result.


Thomas Hullin, Josianne Côté, Tim Emeis, José Maximiano, Renaud Tissandié, Nacere Guerouaf