Titles/Openers- TV

Ms Marvel



Our team created a burst of bespoke and colourful front titles for Ms. Marvel, an American television miniseries created for the streaming service Disney+. This included 98 individual title cards, ending with an animated version of the logo in the form of Kamala’s hard light powers.

Like little teasers, they made each episode different, but relevant to what’s coming up in the episode. Kamala Khan is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey. An aspiring artist, Kamala spends her time drawing and writing fanfiction about superheroes. When she discovers her ability to harness cosmic energy, she adopts the mantle of Ms. Marvel, in tribute to her idol, Captain Marvel.

Knowing the titles should be short and sweet, the team came up with the logo burst idea, rapidly flicking through the Ms. Marvel logo depicted through various styles and techniques. Thinking the titles reflect her overall story, they started with her fan art of her favourite superheroes and ended with one based on her own superpowers. Ms. Marvel premiered on June 8, 2022, and ran for six episodes until July 13. The series received positive reviews, particularly for its creative visual style.


Head Creative: Ian Spendloff
Lead Designer: David Lochhead
VFX Supervisor: Matthew Thomas
CG Supervisor: Philip Robinson
2D Artist: Daniella Marsh, David Stumpf, Andrew Niven, Julien Van Wallendeal, Richard Smithso, Jocie Juritz, Alexis Liddell
Compositor: Puff Pisanwalerd, Miriam Pavese, Ewelina Freuer, Pablo Vero Moreno, Juriaan Wolters, Emily Govinden, Daniel Manning, John Sellings, Daniel Ravanelli, Ariel Levental