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Mirror Mirror

Never Sit Still


We were briefed by Todd Sampson and Baltimore Films to create opening titles, in-show graphics and animated sequences for their documentary, Mirror Mirror.

The doco pulls back the curtain on the beauty machine, exploring the societal crisis of body image dissatisfaction, and the manipulative trillion-dollar industry that profits from it.​​​​​​​

The style we created is dark and slightly ominous to reflect the sinister undertones of the documentary. Our colour palette heavily features Pink and Blue, playing to the stereotype of ‘gendered colours’, as our perceptions on body image are highly dictated by media and ideals led by a strict and stereotypical gender binary.


Ryan Maddox, Simon Cowell, Gerard Gray
Brendan Savage - Creative Director

Other Crew:
Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Project Lead — John Grist
Concept Development — John Grist, Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Jess Fogarty
Storyboarding — John Grist, Ben Walker, Jess Fogarty
Look Development — John Grist, Ben Walker, Zoe Crocker, Mel Webster, Jess Fogarty, Craig Stubbs-Race
Motion Graphics Animation & Compositing — John Grist, Ben Walker, Jess Fogarty
3D Animation & Modeling — John Grist, Craig Stubbs-Race


Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D