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Titles/Openers - TV

Cabinet of Curiosities 

The Mill


The Mill partnered with famed director Guillermo del Toro and his team to create the title sequence for Netflix’s latest anthology horror series, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. Fully designed and produced by The Mill and led by Director Chet Hirsch and Creative Director Mike Schaeffer, the sequence fuses elements of surrealism and classic imagery from the series to tell a unique story that is as enticingly horrifying as the stories themselves.

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VFX: The Mill
Creative Director: Chet Hirsch
Art Director: David Rowley
Concept Designer: Chet Hirsch
Designers: Akshay Tiwari, Chris Szeto, Michelle MayerLead Animator: David Rowley
Modelers: Akshay Tiwari, Rakesh Maruthi Pujari, Sandeep Kumar Yadav

Client: Netflix
Executive Creative Producer: Guillermo del Toro
Executive Producer: J. Miles Dale
Post Producer: Julie Lawrence

Production: The Mill
Director: Chet Hirsch
Creative Director: Mike Schaeffer
Senior Producer: Tanya Ferguson
Associate Producer: Claire Stiefel